By Galaxy - 29/03/2014 17:03 - Belgium - Guigoven

Today, my girlfriend texted me, telling me to come home quickly, because she had a "surprise" waiting for me. I convinced my boss to let me go home, and rushed out. Turns out the "surprise" was just that she'd bought herself a pet bunny. FML
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You got out of work early AND you get to play with a bunny? Sounds like a good day to me


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It depends. If OP is getting paid by the hour, this comes out of his pay.

17 - But he was all set to lose some pay for (what I assume he expected) some sex. I don't know how Belgium is, but most places I have worked in the US have PTO for times like this.

The downside is that bunnies are not meant to be kept alone ;P, OP should buy his girlfriend another bunny(From the same gender ofc.) so the first bunny won't be lonely!

You got out of work early AND you get to play with a bunny? Sounds like a good day to me

You're saying that as though any other straight man in the world, ever, would have expected something different...

why yes it was, who wouldn't want to rush home to pet a bunny? although I'd rather pet a kitty

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Kitties are pure evil my friend! Pure evil...

So are bunnies.... Or have we forgotten what that cute little bunny that could only be killed with a holy hand grenade did...

Well, you got out of work, and you have a fun, loving creature in your house. The only thing better than this could be that she left a surprise for you in the bedroom.

Something tells me that the bunny will leave more "surprises" in the bedroom than his girlfriend will. I have two bunnies, and they are ******** machines.

29, have you never been on this site?

You know it's possible to litter box train bunnies? I don't know how because the two I kept lived outside in their cages, but you can google it. Better than getting a bunch of surprises from your ******** machines, right?

There will always be accidents and some bunnies just down right won't do it.

73, mine is litter trained actually! However, my sister's is blind, so the world is her toilet. Regardless of our efforts in training, she can't seem to figure it out haha

Apparently they can be house trained.

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You're so weird, and I'm happy I banned you off of GBAtemp! XD!

pwnman 33

Glad that you're banned from GBAtemp, LuigiLotsOfNumbers.

I don't see any giant rabbits ******** plastic eggs on my front lawn. Nope. Not Easter yet.

#46. I'd be pissed if I got plastic eggs for Easter. Where da chocolate at!!!

JMichael 25

As long as it doesn't squeak all damn night and keep you awake what's the problem?

Bunnies don't squeak, at least not the ones I've encountered on my front lawn.

No squeaking. They grunt, stomp, snort, squeal, honk, and even purr. Everything but squeaking. They're real vocal.

41, in agony while gollum breaks their necks and flips his shit while Sam tries to cook them.

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Please make sure that you and your GF do the proper research on rabbit care. There are so many harmful myths about rabbits that float around and if you were to follow them, as many do, then that poor bun will end up dead within a year or two.

I'm starting to think people mistake this humor site for a depressing advice or sympathy column. We should start every comment with "Dear OP" just to make it official.

You would be the first one to post on that advice column; don't think people here haven't noticed your "Dear OP" comments.

The point is, that's not the point.