By lex31 - 14/02/2012 13:24 - United States

Today, I received my first Valentine's day present ever: a dead mouse from my cat. FML
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**** that, your cat was just showing off what she got from her awesome aunt. She didn't get you shit, so stop trying to make yourself 'worth something' by saying "Oh in your face, I got a gift from my cat and you didn't" You didn't get anything. Your cat is a pimp. Pimpy hoes FTW :) Yes, I'm crazy.

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^You should only hate V Day if you're single or broke.

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It's a ninja pimp cat assassinating mice and leaving the corpses on your step to mock you.

theres your valentines day dinner too!!!

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my 7th grade teacher got a bunny head from her cat on mothers day

Least you got a present this year, ungrateful bitch.

yeah this made me laugh out loud. my cat used to do that too

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hey atleast you got something

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Why do cats leave traces of their kill? Why don't they just eat it? But at least, I'm grateful that they kill those rats...

Aww he really loves you. My cat once brought me a bird, it wasn't quite dead and was flapping around the kitchen, and a mouse that my brother trod on and squashed...

Lool! ^^ And OP? Love is in the air..or is that dead mouse I smell?

Once my cat brought in a bird... my friend and I just sort of ran about trying to stop it from flying around while the cat sat there laughing evilly in her head.

That's his way of asking you out you moron. -.-

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ROTFLMAO @ soccerrocks, I was just waiting to see a comment like that.

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Aww what a useful cat! That's love right there. Happy V-day!

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Your cat went out of it's way to kill an animal and forfiet its lunch to you? What more could you possibly ask for?

Your poor cat, it probably put its heart and soul into choosing that present and you reject it :( I bet you didn't even get your cat a card...

lolwut the fyl part is that it's your first valentines day present

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that's so sweet I hope you accepted