Get riggity riggity wrecked, son.

By Anonymous - 25/10/2017 05:00 - United Kingdom - Kidderminster

Today, after my dad declared that Rick and Morty is a terrible show, I caught him watching it and laughing his ass off. He grounded me. FML
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He sounds like a Jerry

We're you a dick about catching him?


you need a new father

He sounds like a Jerry

But Jerrys are the more stable and calm people. They also end up being pretty boring as well.

Red Swingle 5

Jerry as calm and stable? we watching the same show?

Actually, Jerrys always want to come out on top over petty issues, although they rarely do so. I think this dad is a great example of a Jerry.

Now you have time to watch that show more.

I’ve come to the conclusion your father must obviously be from from dimension J19ζ7.

He doesn’t want you getting an iq of 200

When he says it's terrible, it means it's terrible for underage you to watch. Gotta be at least his age to watch.

He must really want that Szechuan sauce.

We're you a dick about catching him?

Same thing happened to me when I caught my dad playing my video games after calling it kiddy crack