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Today, my aunt's last words to me were, "Don't be an idiot". FML
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That's harsh but sound advice. I'm sorry for your loss OP.

Unless it was: "Hey Auntie, I don't think you should be doing that..." Aunt: "Don't be an idiot." *proceeds to do the thing, which causes her demise*

If somebody says, "don't stand so close to me," you /already/ are (or they're Sting). The same applies to being told not to be an idiot, and the OP's aunt probably isn't Sting.

Not always. If I told you to make the right decision in a certain situation and to not be an idiot, I'd not be implying you were one. It may sound like I didn't trust you enough to do so without my telling you, however it may just aswell be a reminder in a way. Basically what I'm saying is that we need some context in order to judge a statement. In this case we simply dont have any at all.

We have the context: it got posted on FML. Any explanation in which the OP's aunt gave them /genuine/ advice ending with "don't be an idiot" wouldn't be much of an FML, would it? "Today, my aunt said 'don't be an idiot' in a way that didn't imply I was an idiot. On an unrelated note, after not calling me an idiot, she died. FML"

Fair point. However Ops aunt could have meant it differently than Op understood it. Or maybe she was saying nice things and then ended it with "don't be an idiot" which simply rubbed Op the wrong way. I'm not even saying that I think one of these scenarios may be true but that they are very well possible. With all of these FMLs you can never really be sure. That's why personally I don't like to judge things based on such short stories. Some of them are very vague and one-sided.

#5: You need to follow the aunt's advice 'cuz your comment is idiotic....

Talk about saving the best for last...

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That's what Michael told Dwight, you fool!

Well the poster is the one getting told that, so they're Dwight! C'mon son

Perhaps the aunt simply said that phrase in lieu of 'bye at the end of her visit or phone call.

Whoa, for a bit I thought your aunt had kicked the bucket.

Then I understood right at first, but got confused at the lack of 'sorry for your loss' comments. I am not a native English speaker so things like this can easily confuse me. :/