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  saviisneat  |  0

lol I agree.

but don't use the word intercourse, it's lame. yall are young people so how about use the words monkey love.

and hopefully yall try again and don't let this discourage you. monkey love is fun even with farts ;)

  m4d_h4tT3r  |  0

zomgz i totally related this to the family guy thing when he discovered his first fart. this is me and my besties favorite. You got yourself a winner there. so bright indeed! lolol

  CRUZs_GURL1  |  0

maybe it hurt his ass lol and ask it as a "WHAT was that?" but the op thought he was scared cause thier was a sound coming out the rear end during "intercorse" lol or maybe she farted out of her vag and the guy asked lol but she made this story up so she won't look like she did something wrong on the "first time"

  clarienet  |  0

actually I've heard of guys who fall asleep and fart themselves awake and say the heard something that the can't figure out what it was. haha happened today with this guy named Randy in gov. lol