By Haley. - 26/03/2010 23:58 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I were trying to have intercourse for the first time. One minute into it, he got nervous and farted. What's worse is that his fart scared him, and he asked "What was that?" FML
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texas_justice 0

...a guy frightened by his own fart has no business reproducing.


OP admit it.. it was you..


brycereid 0

haha was it stinky

kobe24doinwork 0

the real question is, was your pussy stinky?

in WTF kind of position would he fart on her puss lmao

"Smells like teen spirit"

lmao!! I think that's one of the funniest FMLs I've read so far!

lol well at least it wasn't a ninja fart. those things r silent but deadly

hahaha omg that's funny

lol I agree. but don't use the word intercourse, it's lame. yall are young people so how about use the words monkey love. and hopefully yall try again and don't let this discourage you. monkey love is fun even with farts ;)

sounds like something off of family guy when Peter had his first fart just stop. please

ive heard of being scared of ur own shadow but THIS is funny!

that's funny! what if someone pointed him a gun? LOOOL

lol wow that's so funny I almost pissed myself

lmao is all i can say haha.

amerrah 4

Thats pretty hilarious.

nooo silent but violent

Beans, beans, the musical fruit! The more you eat, the more you toot! The more you toot, the better you feel! So lets eat beans for every meal!!

#50 and #110 lol nigahiga

man he must have been tripping shrooms or something... I love the Arizona drug related fmls.

maybe you just queefed.


m4d_h4tT3r 0

zomgz i totally related this to the family guy thing when he discovered his first fart. this is me and my besties favorite. You got yourself a winner there. so bright indeed! lolol

YuriKitty4Evz 0

yeah total family guy moment lol

lol @ your boyfriend, this is too funny ;-p

this is my favorite fml of all time

newnew8 0

haha this is my fav fml too !!!

I quite literally couldn't stop laughing. even now I'm giggling!


OP admit it.. it was you..

wowmomurcool 0

haha that made me laugh more that the OP lmaooooo

DoubleL4567 0

ahahahathis made me laugh harder xD

texas_justice 0

...a guy frightened by his own fart has no business reproducing.

Jrook 0

he was trying to cover for it you tards. "it couldn't be me because if it was I wouldn't havave been scared"


maybe it hurt his ass lol and ask it as a "WHAT was that?" but the op thought he was scared cause thier was a sound coming out the rear end during "intercorse" lol or maybe she farted out of her vag and the guy asked lol but she made this story up so she won't look like she did something wrong on the "first time"



I think the poor dude has a weird queef phobia. He was terrified by the possibility.

lmfao so tru #4...but this was so jokes!!

Weak genetics are weeded out.

ahhhhhhh not Cruz girl! plz don't rant againn

rzbt21 0

you are utterly hideous.

paid2think 0

haha woww

FYLDeep 25

He thought it was surprise buttsecks.

surprise buttsecks is the best kind of buttsecks.

depotst 0

Not! Invisible buttsecks is!

Lmfaooo sorry but that made me laugh :P It wa yr guys first time as a couple though so give him a break.

Are you sure you didn't queef?

RODEOqueen 0

I was thinking it was her that farted... Guys don't scared by their own fart.

clarienet 0

actually I've heard of guys who fall asleep and fart themselves awake and say the heard something that the can't figure out what it was. haha happened today with this guy named Randy in gov. lol

she did but didnt want to admit it. she queefed so bad his his dick was vibrating

x805xUnknown 6

Oh shit, your heard that duck too?!





yeah i heard it from my house she queefs really loud. and the guy was just scarred for life cuz OP queefed on his dick

i heard it all the way from here :P

Cruz gurl ur so fucking weird

how can I message you?? you seem really cool :) I like Jeremiah 29:11.