By Barstaff - 24/12/2009 11:20 - United Kingdom

Today, I found out that I have to work Christmas Day. There's no public transport running and taxis are triple fare. It'll cost me more getting to work than I'll actually earn during the shift. FML
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sick days???

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fake your own death.


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Either call a friend to come get you or find out if anyone else is coming in to work so you can carpool. And muffin? Really?? __________________________________

Malinkrot 3

is muffin any more lame than advertising your myspace on every comment you make

Did no one else realize that he said "I'll cost me more to get to work than I'll actually earn during the shift"?? I'll cost me more? no

I noticed it but since im not an english teacher, and i understood the point of the fml, i kept my fucking mouth shut about it. Well, until i saw your stupid comment that is.

agree with #53. #44, no one cares.

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I fuckin' hate Grammar Nazis, especially on the Internet because I can't punch them in the face.

OPs name should be Tiny Tim

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fuck ur boss. no seriously fuck him and u can probably talk him into not making u work on christmas day.

sick days???

Is there anyway you can talk to your manager about changing it? Surely, they're not that heartless. Or perhaps they are... happy holidays anyways. I'm working christmas as well. FML

What kind of boss informs you one day in advance that you'll be working on effing Christmas? You gotta quit that job, man.

hey maybe you can call a friend to take you in

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what the hell. skip the days' work. :D

dude, that just sucks. no way you deserved that.

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Isn't there some kind of law that says that you don't have to work on Christmas Day? I would look into that if I were you.

you have to volunteer to work Christmas

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Yea, I've had to work Thanksgiving, Working today and tomorrow, New Years Eve, and New Years Day...luckily I got my sick days on handy for the remaining holidays.

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fake your own death.

Brilliant idea. And when he needs money and has to go back in on monday he can be all like "FALSE ALARM! I'M ALIVE!"

"Hey, I thought you died!" "...I got better."

Oh that's genius.

NCIS 8trickster8?

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xD Reminds of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. "Weren't you turned into a newt?" "... I got better." Or something to that effect.

*"She turned me into a newt!!!!........ I got better!!"