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  dreamering  |  16

The OP might have the best quality that a human might have.

The character and the moral don’t ever compensate the beauty in the long run.

Her boyfriend seems to realize that, unlike some of you morons.

When, if you understand that, it might be too late, when you’ll try to jerk off and nothing comes out.
By nothing, I mean beauty of life and the importance of being important to someone.

  USAF_girl  |  3

"You don't love me anymore." He probably doesn't since you're a whiny girl with low self esteem...guess I would too if my boyfriend thought I was ugly. HAHA LOL

  DocBastard  |  38

Isn't the point of txt to abbreviate words? So why change "to" to "tew?" Do you even realize how ridiculous your entire comment is?

  Hgielad_720  |  0

Actually, none of us were there so we have no way of knowing how he said it. The tone of his voice may have implied that he doesn't find her attractive, thus making it an fml.

  BadasS14  |  0

OP was being sarcastic. He loves her but not because of her looks(most likely bc of personality).. therefore she took it as if he called her ugly! get it!

  Jakespeed207  |  4

No omfg! You're the idiot here. It took me a little to figure this out, but he says he loves her, despite what she looks like. Much like 35 said. He meant almost the opposite of what you said. I think he also likes her looks, hence why he added the "your looks?" Part there. Though I may be wrong

By  Cinn_fml  |  22

Your boyfriend loves you for who you are, not what you look like. How is this a bad thing? It's possible he finds you attractive, but meant you weren't the world's most attractive girl.
However, if you want to make yourself more attractive to him, why not ask him what he doesn't like? It might be something you can easily fix... Like maybe just making a bit more of an effort for nights out, or losing a small amount of weight. Or you can just leave it the way it is because he's already said that he loves you regardless.
It might also be that he was joking and you couldn't see that...

  1990TD  |  6

He didn't say she's ugly, he only let her feel how damn stupid her question/remark did sound to him. He probably was like "duuuhhhh and OMG", my boyfriend would make the same epic answer. I'd say WIN xD

  Cinn_fml  |  22

1990TD - I never called her ugly either. The bf implies she isn't hot with his comment. But there's a whole range from stunningly attractive to ugly, it might be that the OP is in the middle (and if the pic the OP has is real, then she's quite good looking anyway) and that she's attractive enough to her bf, but not at the highest end of his scale.

  hit4prez  |  0

I wish more women thought the way you did, and didn't take it in the butt when I say they arnt that good looking, but have a kickass personality

  daminantion  |  14

the way he worded it without thinking, the impulse AS he is looking at her. She clearly isn't the most attractive, not that she couldn't be nonetheless. yet in his eyes he sees her more beautiful on the inside than out

  Cinn_fml  |  22

hit4prez - Indeed, there's a difference between being called ugly and being told that someone likes you for more than your looks, whilst it implies that looks aren't your strong point, it also shows that whoever said it isn't shallow.

Daminantion - Tbf, she did just say she didn't think he loved her, so I think we can forgive his wording. Because I doubt he was feeling particularly brilliant after that.