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Today, I had a chest x-ray. I thought everything was okay, that is until the tech gasped slightly and muttered, "Mother of God." I asked him what was wrong, and he kept insisting he had no idea what I was talking about. Now I'm so upset I can't even sleep. FML
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Actually, he can't say jack shit to him. He's a tech - his job is to take the X-ray, not to interpret it. It would be ethically reprehensible for the tech to tell him anything. It's just as wrong for the tech to say what he did.

Wow, the amount of ignorance swirling around here is staggering. You're all wrong. The tech is not supposed to say anything, so no one got trolled. And the amount of radiation from a chest X-ray is 0.1 mSv, or the same radiation you're exposed to just living for 10 days.


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Actually, he can't say jack shit to him. He's a tech - his job is to take the X-ray, not to interpret it. It would be ethically reprehensible for the tech to tell him anything. It's just as wrong for the tech to say what he did.

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Techs are trained to use equipment, not diagnose anything. I had a tech tell me everything looked fine in an ultrasound, only to find out days later that something was severely wrong and any strenuous activity could have killed me. Techs aren't doctors! They should be courteous and explain necessary instructions. Beyond that they shouldn't speak or show reactions as to what they may or may not see.

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Why is she getting thumbed up? She's wrong..

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Not everybody knows she is, and they probably thumbed before reading doc's comment.

The MRI tech that did my scan at the hospital noticed my doc was on call for the results and asked if I wanted to wait there, and if I was SURE I wanted to go back home. I'm certain he saw that my brain scan looked like swiss cheese. But guess what? It's a doctor's job to go over results, NOT the tech. The radiologist didn't even know what was actually going on. It's absolutely not illegal.

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Valid point 52.

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Actually it is against the law for a Radiology Technician to tell you anything about your X-Ray that patients could interpret as a diagnosis, that's for the doctor to say. However, the radiologist is the one who gives the doctor an idea of what the diagnosis looks like, but they can't tell the patient.

32, I was once told after an ultrasound that everything was okay. It most definitely wasn't, I hated that they tried to give me peace of mind then they don't really know. Would've preferred not to have been told anything.

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Actually 81, the radiologist is the doctor that interprets the xray, ct scan, mri, etc...

Yea they should say anything at all when I had an x-ray for my foot he said it looks perfect but it turns out I had multiple breaks and shattered my foot and had to get surgery in 2 different spots to attach my toe back :/

Speaking of ethics, I was in the ER when A couple years ago, and the orderlies started wheeling out my bed. They were about to start prepping me for a surgery that I was never told I even needed. They didn't speak English. Turns out, I didn't even need surgery, I only had the stomach flu.

Shit man that sucks where did you go to the hospital?

Waste of time and money to go to th ER for a stomach flu that you can easily fix with over the counter medicine or a doctor's appointment.

Why did this get so many thumbs down

Why did this get so many thumbs down? Okay so if something us horribly wrong, would you rather have a tech not tell you, then you go home like nothing wrong and then die from whatever is wrong with your chest. Or would you rather have the tech tell you that theres a problem so you can see a doctor and get it fixed?

A radiologist is a doctor they give a diagnosis and the other doctors lay out a treatment plan

Actually in Canada a x-ray tech can't tell you that is up to your dr. X-ray tech does the x-ray and sends results to the dr. The the de tells u.

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230 - Read my comment. The radiologist that looked at my MRI thought I had a major brain infection and was convinced it was HIV. He was wrong. My neurologist diagnosed me correctly.

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Well..... That's good to know there's something wrong inside you.....

#3 - OP already knew something was wrong with him. People don't go get x-rays because they feel like it.

#28- No but they could get a chest x-ray to check if something's wrong. It doesn't necessarily mean anything is actually wrong with them.

Yeah, but it's not something you do on a regular basis. Unless you enjoy radiation.

Kermit the frog in Doctors office. Doctor holding up X-ray showing hand and arm inside him.....

29- And 'you're' a troll. Seriously, you'd think after the amount of verbal ass-whuppings people on this site get, they'd know the difference between 'your' and 'you're' by now.

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Hey 29, *you're

118-I agree. I feel as though FML has been my savior when it comes to grammar. It has given me salvation from my recklessness in how to use your and you're, and there, they're, and their. Thank you FML.

119, what do you think is more important? Letting someone's small mistake go because you know what they meant, or correcting them and letting everyone know what a gigantic asshole you are?

42-..... You, sir, are wrong on so many levels. 1. Light is radiation, so unless you live in the dark, you are exposed fairly frequently 2. Heat is radiation. If you don't have heat, you should probably see a doctor. 3. Cell phones emit radiation. The way we talk to each other is through waves of radiation. Everyone hears the word "radiation" and goes all nutty thinking about nukes and reactors, when radiation is truly a part of everyday life.

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Probably not the case in OP's situation, but some countries, as part of the medical check-up to get a student/resident visa, require you to get a chest x-ray to make sure you don't have TB.

I get X-ray every month. I have spinabifida and because of it my bones don't grow normal. I could walk the halls of my hospital with my eyes closed. been going there since I was 11 months old.

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More refreshing than morning coffee, I tell you what.

Perhaps his fly was open?

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Perhaps OM has big **** XD

101- OP is a guy.

Raging boner perhaps

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In his chest?

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that's even worse

perhaps you have a chest-burster growing inside your stomach (alien reference)

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He's messing in your head..

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how unprofessional, you should report him! it's unfair to make you worry when he's not even supposed to make a diagnosis from the scan! sucks OP

Nice grammar there......

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I think he's referring to jackal ..

No, I doubt he would risk his job just to troll the OP.

April fools.... oh wait it's May!

Just as funny as you trying to be a sarcastic smartass

That's cool, 103. Good thing I don't give a shit. Oh and whatever you were trying to attempt failed, you just came across as a giant bitch. c:

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Battle of the Blondes

Wait let me get the popcorn..

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i bring the soda pop!!!

Being sarcastic is the best thing relating to humor on this planet. Did you know, #103 that MOST of the people commenting on these posts are being sarcastic? Get a clue.

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ACTUAL HUMOR is funnier than sarcasm. Sarcasm only makes people laugh if it's truly witty. "That's so funny" did not make me laugh. It was just rude, honestly. Get a clue. ;)

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Coming from this bitch Lys?

#137 it's definitely #107

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As a patient you should have a right to know if something is wrong with you

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just a tech, people. he's no doctor.

He probably mistaked and thought something was wrong with you.

Right and wrong. Even though the tech slipped up and said something, he can't say anything now either. So no, you don't have a right to know from the tech. You do however, have the right to ask you doctor.

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While I agree, a technician is not a doctor. OP should have immediately brought the comment up with his or any qualified doctor to find out what, if anything, was wrong.

It's okay, OP, he probably saw one of your lungs and thought it was Satan's baby.

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How did you take a picture of me reading your comment so quickly?

I live in your cupboard, that's why.

missd420 16

Under the stairs?

Anyone else think of the "Mother of God" meme when they read this?

Oh I thought I was the only one. I guess I don't spend too much time on the internet after all. Heh...

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Is it pronounced mee mee or meh meh? Because I just had a huge discussion with my friend and now I'm not sure... :x

45 - I'm afraid you and your friend both fail. Just say it like it rhymes with "cream" and you'll be fine, bro.

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I thumbed myself when I noticed how much of a fail I did :( oh well time to move on ...

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45- for future reference, if there's no i before the e at the end of the word, then the e is usually silent :-)

Yea just like acne... oh wait..

ifoundalaska 11

Did you not read the word usually?

It's okay, 45, I used to pronounce it mee mee before when I had only ever seen it written. Then I said it in front of a friend one day and she laughed her ass off at me. XD

I think I'm actually going to call it a meh meh from now on.

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I think you're over-reacting. There's no reason for him not to tell you; even if he was extremely selfish, think about it (serious disease/injury = more money to medical practice). Calm down, he most likely just remembered something important!

The reason not to tell him is because it's not his job to tell him, in fact he could get in a lot of trouble for preemptively diagnosing anything considering he's just a technician.

Your cool your name is Finnick from hunger games

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I hate it so much when these things happen! I've had my fair share of that stupid feeling that won't let you catch a breath because you are so focused on what was said or done. Sorry Op.