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Today, I found out that since I stopped shaving my legs, my boyfriend and his friends have started referring to me as a Wookiee. FML
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That's a hairy situation you've got yourself into.

futtbuck101 1

Start calling him hand solo 'cause he ain't getting some no more


RayneStorm93 0

Haha. Wookie. That word always tickles me:)

johnson94 5

if that isn't a sign to shave your legs, I'm not sure what is..

futtbuck101 1

Start calling him hand solo 'cause he ain't getting some no more

PurpleRae420 0

Then shave your ******* legs why do you wanna be hairy?!?! That's like having a bush SHAVE IT lol

Jrefinne 7

If he compares your thin hairs to a wookie, then what the **** does that make him? Tell him to shave his legs every day and see how inconvenient it is.

What makes you think her hair is thin? And what's wrong with thick hair huh?! It's not gross, it's fur! I'M JUST FURRY!

How can you handle hair? I freak out at body hair on myself, love the silky smooth body.

chino627 0

131 silky smooth on a women is always the way to go

jesscarrr 10

lol wtf, shave your legs you gronk

I want to be called Wookie. and they should also call you Chewbacca or "Chewie" or short.

sometimes it's a pain to shave your legs, it's easier to just not shave. but it is also nice to have smooth legs

@61 I can't imagine he wants to screw her anymore... I don't care, hairy legs, especially scruffy legs on a woman who STOPPED shaving is nasty. Not sexy at all. I'm sure his hand is softer than her spikey ass, prickly legs. Yuck!!

Gallaghers 0

Why don't you try shaving your face EVERYDAY, it's a whole lot harder then legs every couple of days, and I use to do swimming in Highschool so I do know what it's like to do both. Face has curves and bumps, legs are smooth and go fast.

he wouldnt want any from her if she isnt shaving...

Hey Chewie (making the wookie sound effect). LOL.

HyundaiOwner7 0

I personally love women with more hair on their legs than I have... mmm... so hott... woooookkiiiieeeee

soccerchickrocks 0

yeah i thought the same thing....why would u stop shaving anyway? that's gross!!

ollallie 0

yea I think it's disgusting when girls don't shave eww

Stop? You can't stop once you start! That's just.....wooookie ?

tacopandaroo 12

her boyfriend and his friends probably don't shave their legs, why is it mandatory for her to??

shaving is a choice. not an obligation.

Shave them then? thats what they are hinting at.

Coming from a man with a substantial amount of body hair, if you can feel the wind between your hair, it's time to shave.

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I have a reaction to shaving (lots of small red bumps) it doesn't matter what razors. same goes for waxing or nair so I can have spotty legs or legs with a small amount of light hair. now which is worse

usnwife 18

yeah, cuz everyone can afford that...

their are alternatives like lazor hair remover or a electric razor... you could just be allergic to something they put in most shaving creams? use soap or even shampoo works for sensitive skin

What's it matter? Shaving is a personal preference. If OP's boyfriend was really bothered by it, he would have told her to her face, or broken up with her by now.

also there's a hair removal cream too :)

ganksta_ikm 1

You have not been married or in a real relationship if you think that...

gahhhhhhhh wahhhaohhhhhh (or whatever noise wookies make)

salvorican 24

0.o I didn't know that they was a Wookie language.

Call it intuition, but you should probably shave...

JennaMarie420 2

why wouldn't you want to shave your legs?

Why would she in the first place? Just because it's the fashion doesn't mean she has to.

lilmisslovely13 15

I'm with 37. although I shave, I know girls that dont. just because it's socially acceptable in America for women to be clean shaven, doesn't mean it's right or that she has to.

HyundaiOwner7 0

Probably not... she's Greek. They are hairy.

Unless you happen to be most people, your argument is a fallacy.

Why a woman should? Please, indulge me. If it's so unhygienic and disgusting for women to have leg hair, why is it acceptable for men?

stilettex33 5

"The Hairy Legs" revolution is about to start.

The idea that women should shave their legs or risk being considered "disgusting" or "unhygienic" was pushed by companies like Gillette in huge advertising campaigns in the early part of the twentieth century. Why is it, then, that most women do NOT shave their arms, if unshaven limbs are so disgusting and unacceptable? People's arbitrary and judgmental views on this subject make me sick.

For me I just like it better if I shave but people have their own point of views.

It IS disgusting not to shave your legs (or any other body hair, aside arms and things, for that matter) if you are a woman. It is very masculine, and you just look like a damn hippie if you don't. I do understand that some people are not able to shave for various reasons, but still. If you are a woman, you should look like one.

Whats up with presenting opinion as fact?

XxJaydaxX 3

just because a woman doesn't shave there legs doesn't make them any less of a woman. personally I shave everything but that's my personal choice. just because a woman chooses to not shave doesn't mean she should be deemed disgusting or a hippie. that's just ignorant and judgmental. not everybody shaves there arms and they aren't deems disgusting so why are legs any different?

TheDrifter 23

Leg hair a sign of masculinity, as testosterone causes body hair growth. An abundance of body hair on a woman indicates to males on a genetic level that that woman is overly masculine and thus a poor potential mate. Thin leg hair is the genetic norm, with anything less indicating increased femininity or prepubescence. Take your choice of which of those you believe is turning your man on when he runs his hands over freshly shaven legs.

#147, although I do shave my legs as a personal preference, your point is stupid. 'You should look like one'.. bare legs is not what women actually look like, I hope you realise this. What do you think they looked like in the thousands of years before they had razors? You should change that to 'you should look like what people think women should look like in the past 100 odd years'

^^ To add on, a real woman is natural. Natural is what they're supposed to look like. Hair under their arms, on their legs, and *gasp* in their genital area is what they're supposed to have.

Babushka_Homyak 10

If the hair wasn't supposed to be on a woman's legs, pubic area, etc, then it wouldn't grow there. Anything further than that is personal preference.

logcabin69 0

my man doesn't care if I'm shaved or unshaved, he'd still screw my brains out! lol

"The Hairy Legs" revolution is gaining ground. Soon will ask for the NATO support.

if my woman doesn't shave then I won't touch her.

JennaMarie420 2

yea try finding a guy who wants his girl to have legs as hairy as his own. that's sick. Plus it's uncomfortable when you wear tight pants

a_nutritionist 10

just as an overly hairy man is deemed disgusting so is a woman. i see no reason to be prejudiced on the topic, insult them both. weaker males are also insulted by a vast majority of people, but thats also natural. oh and some people are insulted for being stupid, but thats natural. or maybe we should realise that something being natural is not an argument for everyone to stop commenting on it. weak men will always be told to toughen up, stupid people will always be told theyre idiots, hairy women will always be told to shave. additionally, women need to realise if they choose not to shave, men can choose not to find them attractive. empowering yourself by taking anti-conventional action can mean isolation, and if thats a problem for you then maybe youre just not strong enough for it.

I don't particularly think men 'choose' to find someone attractive, or vice versa. Attraction isn't usually a choice; it just happens. Either you find them attractive or you don't, flaws and all. By the way, to the person who said women's legs are as hairy as a male's if they don't shave, they're not. The hair is much more sparse and definitely finer/thinner in most women. The hair isn't always light coloured, which is probably what you're thinking of.

because to some of us men, smooth legs are a turn on. that's why

You aren't choosing to like that, though. That's my point. You simply are attracted to it.

Because it's her choice!! No person should have to conform to societies views on beauty!! As a trans boy I don't shave my legs or under my arms

i agree with 201, I prefer women with a natural beauty and can't care less about them shaving.

I'm surprised you still have a boyfriend if you don't shave...

Where are you guys getting boyfriend from? All I see is wookie language typing on this FML.

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9, your picture made me laugh.

shaving is a choice. girls shouldnt be considered disgusting just because they have some hair on their legs. its hair. some people realize that its not a big deal and get over it

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