By We're still popping them - 27/02/2015 00:35 - United States - Fremont

Today, the neighbors called the cops because they heard "gun shots". My girlfriend and I were popping bubble wrap. FML
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You know it's pretty unusual to shoot bubble wrap

Your neighbor is an idiot. A gunshot is way louder.


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Do they have their ears beside your walls or something?!?!

Yeah I was going to say, you'd have to have your ear unusually close to your neighbors of you could hear them popping bubble wrap, seems like a pretty nosy thing to do

Surely popping bubble wrap cannot be as loud as gunshots...

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What were the size of the bubbles and how close were they to each other? You can either sound like a handgun or a machine gun...

@24 The decibel rating between bubble wrap and a gun firing ate nowhere near on the same playing field. Even suppressed firearms are way louder than bubble wrap popping. Sources: I'm in the military

only thing I can think of is it wasn't bubble wrap but those huge ones. they're pretty loud but the neighbors still over reacted ?

Must have been some heavy duty bubble wrap...

Or maybe OPs were black and the neighbors are rascists

Your neighbor is an idiot. A gunshot is way louder.

Unless you have a silencer. Then maybe it would be close to the same popping sound. Neighbour must have super sonic hearing aids!

Yeah... I actually call BS on this one. It depends if he lives in an apartment or not, but bubble wrap is not loud enough to be heard in a house next door. Ive also seen way too many of these FML's.

#33: I don't know if you've ever seen or used a silencer, but unlike on TV, they aren't very silent at all. They're just a lot quieter than a real gun. Point of the story is that OP has found the world's loudest bubble wrap. Either that or his neighbors are idiots.

Which is why what people call a silencer is actually called a "suppressor" But how awesome would it be to have something that actually did silence the gunshot? Kinda like the sonic pulse mine thing on advanced warfare. If I were OP would pay for something like that... Then that nosy neighbor would call the cops all worried cause he couldn't hear anything.

If you said "BANG" everytime you popped could be misunderstood