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Today, I met my biological parents for the first time, 29 years into my life. They turned out to be two of the most pathetic people I have ever met, and the meeting ended after they asked me to lend them money because I "literally owe them my life." FML
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I would've said "sorry I have no money, you left me homeless when I was born." sorry OP, some people never change and luckily you didn't have to deal with them that many years.

I agree #1. Just because they conceived you, doesn't make them your parents. In my opinion, your parents are the ones who raise you. Biological parents are sometimes just strangers.

Yea you have your Step-parents, who were obviously better people than those "people"...

Wow that's horrible I hope you stood up for your self because they sound like dicks

...worth of birthday and Christmas presents.

AND gift cards filled with $20s on Valentines, gold for St. Patrick's, and sparklers for New Years.

That's sad to hear. Just know that you do have adoptive parents who care for you

Sometimes it's better not to get your hopes too high, so when you get disappointed it doesn't hurt as bad. I'm sorry your parents turned out to be like that, OP.

Well at least now you know you weren't missing out on much.

It amazes me how despicable some people can be.

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