By Jdub - 28/05/2009 00:51 - United States

Today, I went to a real Japanese restaurant with my sister and mom, where you had to take off your shoes and sit on the floor. After the meal, I realized my shoes were no longer where I put them. For the seven years the restaurant has been open, I'm the first person to get their shoes stolen. FML
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You must've had some pretty cool shoes!


Hey! It's a compliment, your shoes must've been totally kick ass! :D

michael32123 0

oh shit! call F.B.I. stolen shoe and waste of a ****** FML department!

americuzz 8

unless your shoes were made out o pure gold & had jewels in-crested in them, THIS IS NOT AN FML!

it is a ******* FML, how would you like walking back home barefoot in public? with all the shit on the floor?

You must've had some pretty cool shoes!

Yeah! Your shes must have been really cool. You probably have good taste in shoes than, which is good... Unless they were expensive...

thebigtwinkie 28

or some homeless man stumbled into the restaurant and grabbed the first pair he could get his hands on, apparently that being OP's shkes

either that person really needed shoes or yours were sweet!

Serves you right for going to a Japanese restaurant. What, are you too good for American food?

hahayou12345 0

Hard to believe. They were probably misplaced or something.

atleast you know you have a good taste in shoes

rice_cake 0

Oh that's rude. But you could take it as a compliment. It shows you must have pretty good fashion sense. That's always a lovely thing to hear :)

fishburger420 0

i've had that happen to me at parties! now i just wear my ugly shoes out to places like that