By vat - 25/02/2013 08:33 - Hong Kong

Today, my girlfriend broke up with me because she could not stand the thought of being in a relationship with a man who wears orange. This is the first time I've worn an orange shirt in at least 6 months. FML
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Well take it as a sign that she was not the one for you, if that is enough reason to be dumped

pheebs314 17

I'm thinking she was looking for an excuse to dump you, OP.


Well take it as a sign that she was not the one for you, if that is enough reason to be dumped

Smokingweenies 3

Orange you glad she broke up with you? Sorry OP!

She could have some major psychological issues, or maybe she had damaged her occipital lobe in such a way that orange just looks like a crime on color, I am personally offended because orange is a great color... I can't even think of an orange food that doesn't taste good!

FML needs a "You're better off this way" button.

Maybe you should peel back the layers of this fruitless lie!

dca101 23

Perhaps he's annoyed because you had second spot on an FML and it got wasted on a less than original "seems legit".

Cause, you know, being first comment is such an honor!! -___-

Maybe she was hit with an orange in the face before and seeing orange brings up repressed memories.

pheebs314 17

I'm thinking she was looking for an excuse to dump you, OP.

Why not just say it's not working out? But then again I've never dated in the past so I know little of this topic altogether...

pheebs314 17

From my experience, people want a reason... It's easier to make something up than just say you haven't got one. Not that I'm condoning it, mind you, but it happens. I had someone break up with me because I "hadn't been to Tennessee."

wlddog 14

You are most likely right 2. Unless,,, the next boyfriend wears orange and gets dumped too. Then the girlfriend just needs mental help

It just doesn't make any sense. Wearing orange is not a character trait, and it doesnt have any bad connotations that I know of, and it's not even permanent since he can take the shirt off straight away. Maybe she got assaulted by a mandarin orange in her traumatic chuldhood.

*Childhood. Chuldhood is pretty funny though

shutupAnderson 7

I don't know, lately oranges have had a tendency to be annoying.

peachesncreem 21

Traumatic experience with a prison chain gang...

xStaciexLynnx 15

Maybe she's a sports fan and her favorite hockey team is the Rangers or Penguins. Orange is very offensive to them...

Blacksabbath211 9

HEY APPLE! (Please let someone understand the reference...)

sourgirl101 28

"Orange you glad I didn't say "Apple" again?" (How Annoying! :P) ***Talking about sport's fan: Try living in Miami where we have the Miami Dolphins, Miami Hurricanes and being married to a Home Depot manager whom accessorizes everything with orange running shoes. :P plus we gotta support our delicious Florida Orange Juice! (:

I ******* love orange juice and Home Depot.

stevenJB 25

Yea anytime I wear anything other than black or grey people tend to look twice to make sure that's me. Lol. Too many metal shirts ^w^ m/ S I suppose I can relate a little

stevenJB 25

I once wore pink for a family picture to match my kids and my mother in law almost fainted

stevenJB 25

I woke up one morning and put on a turquoise shirt, walked into the living room and made my brother jump because he thought I was a stranger who got into the house. Lol

Orange you glad that ended before you were in too deep?

Wll I hope he was in deep a couple of times atleast ;-)

That's a poor excuse, sorry to say this... But she must have been looking for a way out. That's shit, I hope you find a better woman!

What a lame excuse. 'It's not you, it's me' would have worked out better.

Probably because you gave her the 'blues'.

That sounds like a truly lame excuse for why she really broke up with you. There has to be something else, and she used that as a face-saving excuse. But if she truly does hate the idea of dating a guy who wears orange, I hope for her sake that she doesn't fall in love with a Florida Gators fan.