Kill me now

By bademployee - 12/08/2014 23:16 - United States - Portland

Today, my boss had a lengthy and obnoxiously egocentric conversation with a colleague. After she left across the office, I stood up, looked over at my colleague, and made a sarcastic "shooting myself in the head" gesture. I saw my boss staring at me over a cubicle wall as I turned around. FML
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can first comment not always just be two words...

why does first comment always have to be two worded and not even funny?

23lf 16

'Cause the first comments actually cares about being first comment, not about being funny.

At least this comment was relevant, and I thought it was mildly funny personally.

#13 I didn't realize there was a special magical arbitrary requirement that the first comment had to be funny. I personally believe that all comments should make sense and yours fails to do that.

Does everyone seriously not recognize the League quote?

Akumie 6

I thought it was a TF2 refrence

Alas, it was neither a TF2, nor League reference.

I bet you wished you had a real gun after you got caught

27, there are a lot of key factors that play a role. For starters, her sexual orientation and marital status.

MissStephanie 10

34 Its true the majority of adults are straight, but I still don't get why you would think its okay to risk your job status just to get out of trouble...

Yeah, that's a good plan. It will totally get you out of trouble and everything.

Hopefully you are a good at what you do and in a position where he can't fire you. Good luck with that OP.

It's not very legal to be fired for something like that.. Op's boss can probably give him a hard time, though

Respect101 17

I know it's different for every country, but in the US the bosses can fire you for little to no reason legally. Your next job would ask you for a reason to why you got fired, but if you don't have one they might just call your old place and ask what happened.

Previous employers are not allowed to discuss why they fired their employees. They can only discuss things like length of employment and starting/ending pay.

#49 they can lay you off but shaking unemployment benefits is near impossible if the employee wasn't absolutely dangerous, so many employers find it more financially logical to keep the employee (and usually urge them to quit, therefore severing their shot at unemployment claims).

Definite ydi. Hopefully you don't have a running record of doing similar things behind your boss's back.

To be fair, this time didn't end up being behind her back. So if the others WERE behind her back, why hope he doesn't have a record of doing that?

That must have been quite boring considering that you forgot to check of she had actually left.

You better hope your boss really likes you!

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Rip thread. It lived a short an obnoxious life, may it never be in our memories.

knippy 9

Ydi, shouldn't have done that at all, let alone done that without checking to see if your boss was gone yet. Hopefully she has some kind of sense of humor and let's you keep your job...

Yeah maybe she saw it?? Don't know how you can hear a hand gesture.

mom_of_5 10

Sounds like you have a shotty work ethic. Maybe it's time to glock down your priorities and determine if your in the right line of work, or if it's reached a hollow point.