By hmdge1 - United Kingdom - Doncaster
Today, I found out that my boss of 2 years not only doesn't know my name, but calls me "Jew hair" behind my back because of my natural ringlets. This man determines all of my career progression. FML
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By  colton_colton  |  49

call him by the wrong name then

  JustinJK  |  21

#24 - Judaism is definitely an ethnic group/ethnicity (cultural group, shared practices, etc).Coming from a Jewish family, I've never heard it specifically heard it referred to as a race. Some people say it is. Some people say it isn't. I've always understood race as a genetic thing, something you can't change, like being white or black. And Jews come from various races. Like making an insult against a Chinese or Mexican person isn't specifically racist. Ethnic slurs are not ok within the work place and there are laws to protect oneself from them.

  be82tw  |  17

@43 The definition of a race is, from a sociological perspective, an identity projected onto a group of people by the perception of either shared physical characteristics or common descent. That is, it is subjective based on the observer. It is hard to argue that that the Jewish community does not often fall within this definition, not least because it is about perception, not objective reality, We can argue about the merits of that perception, of course: some people strongly identify with a racial identity and others just don't see or feel it. From a sociological point of view, race is a useful concept to help understand how different groups of people interact with each other.

From a genetic point of view, there are no races: there is minor genetic variation between groups long indigenous to Africa and the rest of the world and some traits are relatively rare outside of their populations of origin (e.g. lactose tolerance), but even all that amounts to so little variation that talking about race to geneticists will likely just earn you the same look that a psychiatrist would give a phrenology advocate.

None of which changes the fact that OPs boss is way out of line making any sort of crack like that, no matter how you slice it. OP should either look for a new job or see about transferring out of his oversight. And definitely let HR know. Sorry OP, FYL.

By  colton_colton  |  49

call him by the wrong name then

  Enslaved  |  36

Someone I used to work with always referred to our boss, as "pos". At first it sounds like a slight mispronunciation. I later found out it was an inside joke and stood for "piece of shit".

By  Llama24  |  14

Some things you just have to live with, be it shitty bosses that call you Jew hair, or shitty jobs, you just have to live with it. Don't worry though, people like him get fired and have a harder time succeeding in life.

By  jberg583  |  12

There are many places you can find a work home and be shown the respect of not being called racial names as well as being addressed by your own name.