By Tooks - 28/07/2009 19:41 - United Kingdom

Today, everyone at work commented on how much better my new haircut looked and how I should keep styling it this way as it's such an improvement over my old style. I was late for work this morning. My new hair style was Bed hair that I didn't have time to sort out... FML
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The moral of the story is to put less effort to get better results.


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Haha well maybe you should sleep in late like that every day!

Sometimes bed hair can look really awesome though.

Totally. Bed hair makes me want to run my fingers through the guy's hair and do bad, bad things to him. Most guys shouldn't even bother with combing, hairspray, gel, whatever it is they do with it. Just wash it and leave it be, guys.

... So, you wanna meet up somewhere sometime? ;)

No. Some guys have naturally crap hair. Some guys need gel and styling/straightening. Some don't. Depends on the person.

yeah, like if I left my bed hair, I'd look like a peacock. Not good. The only bed hair I can pull off is what I call "artificial bedhead", which is completely pointless because you're trying to make it look like you're not trying. -.-

Uhh... was that a no? If it was, I won't make dinner plans then...

The moral of the story is to put less effort to get better results.

Yeah, I am with number 4, occasionally my bed head results in awesome hair that I couldn't have done if I tried. -_-

ummm shouldn't u be happy that ur hair looks great without any work?

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I'm the same way. I use a little water to flatten out some of the unkempt parts, then I am good to go. Be happy that you can sleep a little later from now on.

You should stick with messy hair! Men + messy hair = smexy