By Anonymous - United States
Today, I went on a group job interview, where all the applicants seem to have the same qualifications. When the interviewer dismissed all of us but the prettiest girl, outraged, I told him he was a prejudiced pig, and should be ashamed of himself. Apparently she was the only one who had a car. FML
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Wrong, beautiful people take more care of themselves than ugly people, obviously. Or would an obese, hairy, smelly, leather-skinned look more attractive to you than the average woman?

Also the people being interviewed didn't have the same qualifications, so OP, YDI and fuck you.

  tkel87  |  0

Ugly people piss me off, good lookin people cant help being good looking any more than you can help being ugly! Either get over urself or get some work done

  badaboom_fml  |  0

and i bet all the angry people rambling about "anorexic blondes" are all ugly. sorry you dont have self esteem, but stop insulting attractive people who actually take care of themselves.

  buonotomato  |  20

#132 Yes, because getting annorexia is always the best way to take care of oneself. I don't mean to be offensive or mean to anyone, but we all know being annorexic is a disease, which far too many people suffer from.

  c_tuck  |  0

This FML is a lie. It's illegal to request that information during an interview. You cannot ask about transportation or childcare those are huge issues.

  bluedoll  |  1

But that doesn't make her fat...does it? I mean...she could be one of those chicks who is just ugly....*shrugs* I'm just trying to even the playing field out.... People assume she's fat....could just be unattractive or incredibly plain....

  cxal_fml  |  0

even if it is, its bs to assume that just because she was the prettiest she was less qualified than the OP. She could have had a more imposing body posture, been more outspoken and confident than the others, etc

By  WPQ14  |  15

For all you know, she could have been more qualified, or had a more outstanding resume. I hate that people assume a pretty face equals no brains.

  theanonimouse  |  0

They key word in this FML is "seem[ed]." There's no way everyone's resumes were passed around kindergarten style so every applicant could read each other's credentials. The OP only got to see how the girl performed in the interview, not her resume.

And obviously she WAS more qualified, seeing as she was the only one with a car.

  spacer_  |  0

OR the interview was to select from a group of people whose resumes were all similar, so similar they could not make the choice based on what was on paper.

  rbar1293  |  0

Second. Maybe men aren't attracted to your ugliness, but that doesn't mean that all men are pigs.

Just because you're ugly doesn't mean that every other girl succeeds because they're prettier. They're prettier AND more qualified than you. You pretty much suck.

  Hich17  |  0

Here, here!

Women who cry "sexism" or "chauvinism" at every single little thing actually hold their gender back.

OP - get over yourself.