By baconbxtch - 22/08/2013 02:45 - United States - Orlando

Today, I got rejected for a job because they claimed I faked my entire resume. Their excuse? I'm too pretty to be smart. FML
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Human Resources, Lawyer and a Lawsuit. That's all that needs to be said.

If you don't sue them you are what they said :3


Human Resources, Lawyer and a Lawsuit. That's all that needs to be said.

Wait, you're from Florida, never mind. You were doomed from the get-go. Best of luck.

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Neither do Booda_Shun and brains. Oh, we can't have both of them. So everyone picks the brains.

thought that is what references are for. To prove your resume. Sounds like the interviewer was too lazy to do their job

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Although I do understand that this is an FML, Op can get another job interview with a new interviewer, if not a different company. Anyway, at least Op got a fantastic compliment. She is apparently both pretty and smart. No harm in that.

Pretty, smart, and best of all she loves bacon.

its an insult because she is pretty she can't be smart? its not a matter of getting another interview

Probably not the best place to work for anyways. If they're questioning your resume based on looks, then you need to go elsewhere.

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OP was probably interviewed by a family member that raised the girl who said I'm too cute to be Haitian. Best of luck, though. Jobs in Florida are hard to get especially living down south.

why does everybody say people from Florida are retarded? the jokes are kind of funny but they offend me a lot. can someone please explain what we did?

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I never agreed with someone else so much in my life in there comment. That is blatant sexual harassment.

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But you're not that pretty... Kinda average looking in my opinion. From your profile pic I dont understand why someone would be shocked that you're smart.

25 -that was kind of rude and uncalled for. All you had to do was thumb her down.

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Sorry I forgot people on this site find some kind of joy in insulting others. My bad.

I know what #2 said was a bit boastful, but holy crap #25 this is FML not high school. Bitchiness is not welcome. I see your parents taught you well.

I agree that #25's comment was rude but she did say it was her opinion that she found #2 average. Not everyone views beauty the same way. Hell, I have been told everything from being ugly to beautiful by other people. What they think of my looks is their opinion and I don't care because I am confident in myself for believing I am beautiful no matter what someone else thinks. That's how everyone should think for themselves but sometimes poisoned words get the best of us to believe other wise about ourselves. #2 despite what #25 thinks of you, keep your confidence up. That alone to have is a beautiful thing in my opinion. :)

#39 FML deleted the comments so people don't know what you're talking about! :P

I just realized how cocky I just sounded. Sorry guys.

I don't get why you guys downvoted her the second time... she was apologizing.

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From your profile picture, you are naturally pretty but not enough that I would be shocked that you got an A.

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Idk why she got down voted the first time...

BRUNETTES CAN BE DUMBFUCKS, TOO. But I'd say pretty and smart is actually more common nowadays.

Anyone can be a dumbfuck, but stereotypes are usually pointed at Blondes for being dumb.

Well wouldn't you look at that wonderfully crafted snarky ass reply to my reply.

If you don't sue them you are what they said :3

Freaking Americans. While they could file a lawsuit, there is really no reason to waste all that time and money. She wasn't wrongfully fired. Or harassed. She should just go to HR.

she is being discriminated against based on her gender. yes, she should sue these pricks for every penny they have.

If she can win then she will get a lot of money and not have to worry about getting a job. However, she would have to prove they said that and that is the hard part.

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Report whoever to HR or file a lawsuit that's not good enough reason to not hire somebody

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Depends where you live. In my state you can hire or fire anyone for any reason. My boss can fire me because he felt like it and there is nothing I can do. My state sucks...

challan 19

Send them documentation of your degrees and tell them to contact your references. Only uneducated and lazy purple are attractive? That's insane.

I, for one, think the red is the one that's lazy and uneducated. The purple really is pretty attractive, though.

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Oh man, I hate uneducated and lazy purple!

What a fantastic auto correct right there!

Poor red shirts, they never get a break. :(

challan 19

Ahhh... Shamed by my phone once again.

That sucks. The beautiful ones are always underestimated. I would look into filing a case against them but in the meantime you'll find a better opportunity :)

Wasn't there a few studies that claimed the more attractive students usually had more one on one attention from their teachers? If so, why would it seem so odd that many would have a combination of intelligences and good looks?

I've also learned about some psychologic studies that showed that teachers (and people in general) automatically linked beauty with a lot of other positive character traits (smart, nice, friendly...), while ugly people were linked with negative character traits (stupid, lazy, mean...). Without realizing it, the teachers began a self-fulfilling prophecy. They treated the beautiful pupils like they were smart, and they actually got smarter. They treated the ugly pupils like they were stupid, and they actually got stupider.

"Boys go to Jupiter to get more Stupider" (Sorry that word triggered that poem. Lol) ***Same with beauty being associated with being good and ugly represents evil. Ex: Disney's villain characters.

But there is a stigma with certain looking beautiful people. I will reference Legally Blonde here as well as the YouTube series "Most Popular Girls in School". I know these sent actual people, but mainstream media reflects societal opinion. On top of it all, let's not forget the Damsel in Distress, which is a totally helpless yet beautiful woman stuck needing some smart and strong man to help her out. Just my opinion on the matter :) they still should have verified OP's resume though, before dismissing her for being too beautiful

#48 I hope they're not talking about diseases. :/

I have seen this happen a lot. One of my friends K is stunning. She is a natural blonde, and people would talk to her like she was just a pretty face with no brain behind it. She was turned down from a lot of jobs that she was qualified for. She dyed her hair brown and said she saw a huge difference, people treated her with more respect and she got hired on the first interview after the change. So, I think how the attractive people present themselves has a huge influence on how they are treated.

Lucky escape then. They are obviously too stupid to recognise talent and your working life would be a never ending stream of WTFs