By Annette - United States - Seattle
Today, I started my new job. Less than one hour into the day, my boss told me that the reason he hired me was that I was the least attractive of everyone he interviewed, so I'd be less likely to cause a distraction. FML
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  perdix  |  29

#26, #28, actually, you might have accidentally posted a pretty funny comment.

For us older folk, "dog" is slang for an "ugly woman," so evidently the boss also found dogs to be adorable.

  mintcar  |  9

Well, hey, at least you got the job. I'm a recent college graduate and have yet to find one. If you feel attractive, then that's really all that matters.

By  ThePsyche  |  9

Well tell him the only reason you took the job was because you thought he wasn't a complete asshole.

But seriously, that guy is a dick. Probably still sucks on his mamas boobies and watches cartoon network.

  1215116a  |  14

Yeah 6, just like your profile picture. -_-


Sexual harassment is a subset of harassment, so it they cannot be opposites.
That's like saying an elm tree is the opposite of a tree, or that a widescreen tv is the opposite of a tv.

Also, don't worry OP, you might have been the ugliest of the people who applied, but that doesn't mean that you're ugly. The slowest person in the 100m at the Olympics isn't slow. The blankest member of a set isn't necessarily blank. Maybe even else who applied was practically a model.

By  CustardAndPie  |  13

Aww, honey. It's awful when people say stuff like that. But hey, look at it this way; the other interviewees might have been more attractive than you (or they might not, your new boss might just have an awful sense of humour) but YOU'RE the one with a job. They might be absolutely stunning, but it probably won't help them pay the rent.