By Anonymous - 01/02/2013 22:13 - Romania - Cluj-napoca

Today, I asked my bosses for three weeks off in July to go on a much-needed vacation. Their response was to fire me on the spot. My bosses are my aunt and uncle. FML
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What audacity you have, asking on such short notice. On the plus side, congrats on getting your vacation.


What audacity you have, asking on such short notice. On the plus side, congrats on getting your vacation.

~they are so kind to give him so much time off! thats what family is for I guess~

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Just get a better job and run it in

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People would think that going into a family business would mean having an easier time, but I find that families expect more, plus it's difficult to come up with reasons or excuses. Also, there isn't that formal relationship where there has to be mutual respect and strict guidelines, meaning OP can be messed around and taken advantage of more due to them being family.

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Three weeks is a long time. U have to work for a company for 2 years or more for that much time. But good luck on the job hunt, theres always unemployment!!

That rather depends on where someone lives I would say. Not sure what the laws in Romania are though.

Three weeks is fairly routine in Europe from what I've been told. The US averages the shortest expected vacation times amongst "first world" countries.

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Canada is down there too. Only government workers, teachers and senior union members get three consecutive weeks. Some others get that much, but generally with a two week at a time limit on taking it.

The casino I work at gives us 104 hours of paid vacation the first year we work here. I took a 18 day vacation after my first year...

Three weeks per year is hardly a vacation. Im disappointed in how work obsessed society is.

It's not the same everywhere, I live in Ireland and if I want to take 3 weeks off, I can. Even after 6 month employment, provided I give sufficient notice.

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I don't know why my thumbs up always end up being represented as thumbs down, its so annoying! Anyways, meant to thumbs up.

8 is right. In Colombia you get 15 weekdays for every year you've worked.

Think of it this way, now you're on a permanent vacation!

Severance checks, a vacation, and new bosses. I call that a win.

I don't know about the laws in Romania but isn't this illegal in most countries? Even if it's family, shouldn't you have a contract stating exactly how much free days you can take and how early you have to give notice about it? I feel sorry for you, your family is horrible...

I know where I am, I have to at least take 2 weeks in total off of work or I can legally be fired due to stress :p

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now you have your whole life for a vacatio

Ooh a vacatio- sounds like an exotic cheesy bread

# 9- I'm curious why your vacation was cut short. Did you have a bad trip?

too much missing info to make a proper judgement on this one. how long have you worked for them? how much vacation time are you given? is july a busy season for what ever business you were in? (i work hvac and getting more than a single day off between the end of june and sept without being in the hospital is impossible)

I agree op needs to provide us with more information before we can judge. Maybe op'll grace us with their presence and provide us with said information. Also #10 love the profile pic.

10 - I disagree. Even if all of those things were known, I still say OP's family overreacted. How hard is it to say "f--- no. Get back to work"?

For all we know, op tries taking off constantly or is a bad employee in another way, and this may have just been the final straw. As with almost all FMLs, more information would be helpful, but I also don't want to read someone's life story. So we come here to the comments and have our own little brainstorming on what actually happened. That's where the real fun is. :)

That info is irrelevant. OP is allowed, by LAW, to use his/her vacation days any way he/she deems fit (it's not the US, you know). Work ethic has nothing to do with that. Only reason it can be denied is if it was too short notice, or business practice doesn't allow it.

Cant choose your family but can choose your employees