By ImScrewed - United States
Today, my boss sat me down to discuss the sounds my co-workers have heard coming from my cubicle. Apparently my music sounds like the background tracks from shitty soft-core porn movies. I'm getting a three day suspension while they go through all my files. FML
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  Trollicious  |  0

Wait you're not allowed to watch porn at work?? Then why the privacy and comfortable chair. Just as long as your man goo doesn't hit the dude in the next cubicle it should be fine, just like masturbating on an airplane or on an elementary school playground.

  Friaza  |  29

This is where programming comes in handy. Deleting all porn files can be just a double click away. (Back them up on a pen-drive before this happens) And you can even write the programme in less than 60 seconds on something as basic as Notepad :D