By zoosmell pooplord - 02/09/2012 19:41 - Norway - Geilo

Today, my boss got angry at me because my English is better than his. He accused me of trying to steal his management position, and implied that I'll be lucky if I still have a job by the end of the month. FML
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tywinn 1

At least your English is better!

Hmm, that's funny. Most mature people are happy when people know how to speak correctly.


tywinn 1

At least your English is better!

hopsinlove17 26

That's something to be proud of! I'm sure you'll get hired easily because of your skills(:

Bosses these days... Like a bunch of middle schoolers... "OMG DNT U CURECT ME I'LL FIRE U GRAMER DUSNT MATTER IM UR BOSS HAVE RESPEKT."

Send him to the Internet, we'll take care of him... >:]

Better English is definitely something to be proud of. My manager is an idiot also and her texting drives me insane. She uses Ty for thank you, u for you and etc. She also doesn't proofread any of the signs she will post around our store.

Inheritance 10

Tell him you have no desire to take his job. Also thank him for letting you know you are good enough for his position.

Use really big words to insult him. It'll get your anger out and he won't know what you said.

LO388 7

1 - you're*. Sincerely, OP's boss.

Hmm, that's funny. Most mature people are happy when people know how to speak correctly.

Tell him it's because you read FML everyday.

The really cancerous grammar is only in the moderating part. That's where you get those "man door hand hook car door" sorts of things.

MrSnoopyJ 1

No one deserves an ignorant boss, be lucky if you do get fired.

AbstraktThoughts 13

Because getting fired in this shitty economy is viewed as "lucky"...

iXTMAstro 6

Don't be sad. Take pride in it. You will probably get much farther in life than him!

hopsinlove17 26

I didn't see this before I posted, but I agree completely(:

WearingHats 14

I doubt that if he is being fired. Plus his boss already has a head start.

TheTwistedOtaku 16

That's a really dumb reason to get mad, fyl for having such an ignorant manager.

KommanderKush420 5

With a name like zoosmell pooplord you know your good at english

Thank you for your words of wisdom, KommanderKush420.

KommanderKush420 5

You have much to learn young grasshopper

*you're. Too much kush will fry your grammar skills

PhishloverA 14

#10 I'm not usually a grammar nazi but since you said that I have to be. First of all why does that name mean he isn't good at English? Secondly 'your' will never mean 'you are'

37- fry it, yes, but guess what I can do with a rat and some pipes.

homesuckfucker 28

his name is actually a homestuck reference.

BeRealB 4

That sucks and all but I have to ask where your name came from?

SeniorHaG 4

You'd be a better boss than him.

Considering OP can't use a comma properly, I doubt it.