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Saud Akram 9

horrible bosses! bosses like yours deserves to be shown that they're shitty

Wait...... what ?......🤦‍♀️


So slow down. Partway through a task, go smoke a cigarette, spend 15 minutes at the water cooler, play on FML for half an hour....

Yeah, and then get fired for not being productive.

Saud Akram 9

horrible bosses! bosses like yours deserves to be shown that they're shitty

Wait...... what ?......🤦‍♀️

Slow down, chief. Haven’t you ever heard the saying, “Don’t paint yourself out of a job.”?

No, how does that go? Esp. in jobs where there's no paint involved eg, fast-food service....

It’s a metaphor. Since most people are paid by the hour, it means you need to pace your work to fill up the time allowed to do it.

But it sounds like there's always plenty of work to be done at OP's place of business (Why else would OP's boss be worried about being shown up?) else they'd hire temps to augment the staffing as need be. People who don't do their jobs fast enough tend to get fired ... and hopefully too this particular boss asap ... unless they already have tenure. Sound like anybody you know? ;-) And if I'm paying some guy to either paint one room or my entire house, it ain't by-the-hour, but for the task itself. He can find his own damn motivation on his own time. ;-)

Oh please, there are assholes that make a job harder because say the job takes an average of 15 minutes per task, Mr. over achiever swoops in and does it in 5, now EVERYONE who in all honestly may not be able to do it in 5, is still expected to do it in 5. Slow the fuck down and chill the fuck out OP, your boss just gave you permission.

Poor thing... you have no idea how things work, don't you? Well now you do. Don't work too hard, too fast, too good. Most managers and bosses won't like it if you're better than they are. That is the sad reality of our world...

Two choices. Take the easy slacker route and do less work for the same amount of money or keep doing your job at your pace and be prepared to be the go to person when others fall behind. Somehow the bosses find a way to use our speed and come out looking better for it.

Being the go-to person & ultimately making the boss look good only works though if said boss is self-assured and intelligent enough to recognize that. In OP's situ, that doesn't seem to be the case. :-(