By Anonymous - 16/02/2014 17:22 - United Kingdom - Cambridge

Today, my boss bitched me out on the sales floor for a good 10 minutes, because I wasn't "smiling the right way" for our customers. FML
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Your boss needs to take a chill pill. No worries, keep smiling! Good luck to you :)

Just smile really creepily and say, "May I take your hat, sir?"


Your boss needs to take a chill pill. No worries, keep smiling! Good luck to you :)

Well, smile the right way OP! jk keep smiling and fyl

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Her boss definitely has a bug up their ass. This is why I'm glad I work at a paintball field, just keep my mask on and I don't have to worry about it!

Sounds like it's that time of the month for your boss.

68, I've known a few guys who seem to go on the "dude rag".

stop making a big deal out of gender jeez. it was funny and relevant just leave it at that

Your boss is an ass, hope you manage to get rid of her!

#34, While he did assume the gender, I doubt you would have commented if he had used the pronoun "him."

#36 if I could thumb up your comment more than once I would

#36 That is so true. Whenever an assumption is made that it is a woman we start a gender war but if they assume its a male then its peace and quiet.

Can we focus less on the gender of the boss and more on getting rid of part? What are we talking here, Sniper? Poison? Stabbing? Woodchipper? So many alternatives, we need details here.

36, 34, 39, that's because it's grammatically correct. If there are some men and some women in a room, it's masculine.

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Comment brought back great memories of the Sandlot :)

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That was Smalls. But I got the reference. Loved that movie too.

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instead of getting mad make sure your room smells nice!

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Perhaps the customer had bad breath and OP was finding it hard to give her a straight smile.

Do you watch Big Bang Theory? When Sheldon was asked to smile for Raj getting put on a magazine cover "We're here to congratulate Raj, not kill the batman"

or Sheldon's koala smile that he tried to use on Amy.

That sucks OP, either ask him what's wrong with what you're doing or just try to smile better when he's around.

As a salesman, especially a car salesman, your smile must exert a physically repressive force on the customer that makes them feel uncomfortable and helpless. This makes it easier to make sales and become successful in your field.

Damn, I was going to suggest that. Op, next time just smile as wide as you can and ask him/her "Why so serious?"

you don't deserve that kind of verbal abuse op!!

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You should learn how to smile from Sheldon Cooper. He's put there to kill batman!