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Today, I found out that my 2 week Christmas vacation my boss was talking about wasn't for this year, but 2010. I spent the day with my husband cancelling flights to Florida, and explaning to my 8 year old why we were not going to Disney World. FML
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Oh ouch man! What the ****? Seriously, if your boss says you can have a Christmas vacation, you're going to assume he means Christmas THIS year! Ouch...

you dont want to go to disney anywhere near the holidays anyway. its so busy and your kid will be so mad with waiting in 2-3 hour lines that everyone will hate it. its probably a good thing. buy your kid a pony or something instead


Lol so not even a vacation for over a year that sucks :p

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You didn't have to do that. All you had to do was bring him to the office and say "See that nice man? He can tell you why we aren't going to Disney World."

no you couldn't do that actually, because we dont know who's fault it is. Maybe the boss was trying to be clear about it but the OP is just inattentive, the kind of person who would just hear the word "vacation" and stop paying attention to anything else like that its for next year. maybe of FML but not the boss's fault.

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Oh ouch man! What the ****? Seriously, if your boss says you can have a Christmas vacation, you're going to assume he means Christmas THIS year! Ouch...

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lame my comment disappeared...ydi for not paying attention to your boss

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Sucky job much? Tell him Christmas vacation now or I quit

"what's that? You're quitting? Oh no! Ill just get one of the other 200 people to fill in."

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YDI for not confirming the date of your vacation before making plans. Imagine, dangling the hope, no...the dream, of going to Disney World in front of your kid, only to rip it away. You make me sick, fascist.

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Someone has a humbug up there ass?

I agree, who the hell plans a vacation before confirming that they're not working?

Agreed with the YDI's. Either your an idiot for not paying attention to your boss and/or not confirming something as simple as the year said time off was in. Most companies though require you to fill in a leave request form out, in which case you either filled them in wrong or didn't even do it and just trusted your boss would sort it all out. Again YDI then!

LOL. Book annual leave. Take annual leave. YDI for working for a douche.

Wow, ******* seriously? My dad came up with a bogus reason for not taking me to Disney World (he took me to the parking lot of Disney World and then we left), but yours is almost as bad. Your kid is going to remember this.

Dude! You serious? Did he tell you Santa, Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny weren't real on the way home too? How can people do that to their kids?

Yeah, I was like... Seven? I think it was my seventh birthday (my birthday is December 20th) till after Christmas we were in Florida. He drove me to Disney World, we got out of the car, then we got back in the car, and he said to me, "Okay Rachel, you've been to Disney World!" And we went to Epcot so he could get drunk. I remember every second of it. He doesn't. Wonderful parents these days.

One of few threads that I have actually found exceedingly sad on this site. FYL to go all around it seems.

The trip got worse, after that, if you can imagine. That same trip to Florida, I met Rachel, who I later found out was my half sister... Joy. (Yes, that is my FML.)

LOL. That makes for good 'Show and Tell' at school. "During the holidays i went to disney world, the happiest place on earth!" "so what were the rides like?" "well the fence was pretty tall but from the screaming i could hear, they sounded pretty awesome" "i have a camera roll full of carpark pictures if anyones interested"

Aw, redbluegreen... I'm really sorry. Same thing happen to my half brothers, I contacted the eldest one... Needless to say my two brothers and his wife were very suprised.

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Was the bogus reason that he had tickets to Disneyland (in LA) by mistake?

No. I've never been to Disney Land or Disney World. Ever. My dad's reasoning, he told me in the car, was he had better ways to spend his money, and technically, I did go to Disney World. I went to the Disney World parking lot, which, in his mind, most likely counts as the exact same thing as going inside.

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No, tell your dad he sucks, because you didn't "technically" go to Disneyworld. You have to pay the admission and enter the gate before you can say that you've "technically" gone. That's a really shitty thing to do to a kid. If he didn't want to spend the money, you all should have just stayed home. But what he did was he took you there, he had the money, and then he told you he didn't want to spend it. He deserves a vomit-inducing kick to the balls. I hope you get to go at least once. I've never been the Disneyworld, but I had a great time at Disneyland/California Adventure in L. A.

Yeah. I told my mom about it right after my dad left and she couldn't believe it. What shocked me most was I didn't do the typical like, cry and wail about it, or throw a fit in the car when it happened. I just never trusted my dad again or expected him to keep promises. He never cared though. My mom said she'd make up for it someday, along with all the wonderful things my dad did in my life. Although now, I could always go on my own. I guess. I'm old enough. I'll go someday. -hug hug hug- Awww, I love you Mercy. Everyone I tell and say, "That's my FML," they're always like, "Oh God. I read that the first time and couldn't believe it to be true." Mmm. Story of my life. But it was weirdly funny reading a few of the hateful comments.

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Hey, RBG, Don't worry. It's never too late to go to Disneyland (or world, I guess). My parents took me when I was 3 and I supposed fell down on the bridge to Fantasyland and busted my face. When I was in my mid-30's, I happened to be taking a training class just down the road from there and one day, it let out early. So I went and had a great time. I was even able to report back to my parents that I negotiated that bridge safely this time! Disney knows what to do to entertain people of all ages, so you can always make up for lost chances. It's not like Barney the Dinosaur -- if you didn't see that as a little kid, you realize that it is stupid and he just puts new words to old songs.

Aww. Mercy! You just made my day there. -blush- But yeah, I know what you're saying and it's ridiculous what some parents put their kids through. My dad's no longer a part of my life, sadly. Perdix, I actually have no idea what's at either of those places. Besides a castle. Oh and I know their food is really expensive. The Simpsons told me so. I'm thinking the FML super elite team should go on a trip to said place. >_>