By ohgodwhy - 06/04/2013 14:15 - Canada - Elliot Lake

Today, I was watching a movie with my parents when a sex scene came on. As if that wasn't awkward enough, they started making out on the couch behind me. FML
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At least you weren't sitting between them...

That's hawt.. But seriously, they couldn't wait until you were gone?


Does it now? Well I guess it made it to FML so I suppose it does...

iOceanus 18

With such a high divorce rate around the world i would not be upset that your parents still have a "spark" in their relationship.

Do you know how many people would love to get the number one spot on the comment section? You had this great opportunity to put something incredibly witty, and funny, and original, but instead you have ruined the prestige of the number one spot with a shit comment like, wow that sucks. You have abused your commenting privilege, and there for are not allowed to comment for 48 hours.

79- Quite professional, and good showmanship! You'll travel far in the path of the gentleman.

I call for the vote now. If #1 should be banned for a week, thumbs up. If a week is too harsh, thumbs down. 1-2-3 go.

I would of excused myself to my room.

"Excuse me, things are so intense and heated here, I need to go to my room and... Do stuff. If you know what I mean". :|

are you insane? he couldn't anyway live **** better than videos!!

#14 That's immediately what came to mind when I read that comment too, and Im not sure why...

Redoxx_fml 22

What the hell's wrong with you 23, they're his parents

#23, please seek help from your local psychiatrist for that comment, thank you.

Redoxx_fml 22

If he did that Op might end up like Oedipus Rex the first....well you know

IworkAt711 14

41- so hes going to kill his father then **** his mom without knowing its his mom?

\ 28

I think #2 meant to go to his room to avoid seeing what his folks were about to do, not to get a load off. Heh

Redoxx_fml 22

It's still a better love story than twilight

Guess movies will never be the same again...

Redoxx_fml 22

You can always watch Game of Thrones though, it's big on sex scenes

And Spartacus, particularly that first season, dear lord so much sex good show though

Hell yeah! I watched back to back Sparacus season 1, stayed in bed with my guy and drank lots of red wine! (:

Success4444 12

I am wondering what movie it was. I hope it was not a Disney or Pixar film. That would be really wrong!


Oh gosh what if they were watching home videos???

That's hawt.. But seriously, they couldn't wait until you were gone?

Maybe they forgot OP was there... I mean, when your in that moment...ya know.

And they couldn't get up and leave because...?

im_joking 11

Haven't you seen those "Once Daily Cialis" commercials? Sometimes the right moment can't wait...

Because... They're adults and probably own the home?

But it's there kid! That's gross. Who does that?!

All I'm saying is they don't gotta get "hot" in front of there kid! God you are stupid.

*their ...Now who were u saying was stupid?

Wow grammar nazi. Your a freak. Oh wait that's you're not your.

At least you weren't sitting between them...

DjMonroe95 11

perfect time to set off firecrackers in cooking pot