Pants on fire

By Anonymous - 29/09/2013 04:12 - United States

Today, I texted a cute picture of my boyfriend and me to my mom, who lives very far away. She replied saying that my Photoshop skills are great, but that I don't need to go so far to pretend that anyone would date me, and that there's no shame in being single at 25. FML
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There is nothing wrong with being 25 and single.

Aww, its okay OP, I'm sure she was just joking!


Aww, its okay OP, I'm sure she was just joking!

Or maybe she's just mean :/ oh well, prove her wrong! :)

If not, then someone lack sense of humor.

There is nothing wrong with being 25 and single.

But is not something to be proud about.

Meg? Is that you!? :O

Kinda hard to be Meg if his Username is IceMAN.

@22 Sorry i was reffering to OP! I mistakenly replied to his comment!

#24, I am single, 32, have 3 cats, no kids, my own house, a new car and an awesome job! Sometimes the crazy cat lady thing works out well!

Well with those bomb-ass friends of your dressed up as scantily-clad Mario characters, who would be lonely?

Brandi, Yeah and sometimes the Crazy part doesn't even exist.

There is no problem being single at any age as long as the person is happy with who they are.

So, if your relationship just ended that is a bad thing if you are in your 20s? Not finding the right person yet is classed as a bad thing?

I am 25 and single. I love it! My last relationship was just horrible. I don't mind if I stay single for a good long time.

skyttlz 32

I'm only 19 but I'm in the same boat as # 46. My last relationship wasn't very good, and the one before that was emotionally abusive. I want to stay single for a long time.

Hopefully she was kidding. If not, the look on your mom's face when you come to visit with your boyfriend (if you do it), will be pretty priceless.

DKjazz 20

I can imagine the mother interrogating the boyfriend. "How much is she paying you? Drop the act and I can pay you double."

Hell, I'D denounce my girlfriend if the price was right! Then I'd just take her to a nice dinner using her mom's money and have apology sex. Win across the board!

Nice mom you got there, OP

It makes me think the OP's mother is speaking from experience and she herself had a pretty hard time to get a BF.

I'm sure she didn't really mean it. if she did, you know he real, so don't worry too much about it

Altie 13

Hey OP, how is your mom not single?

Wizardo 33

As long as you know the truth, isn't that enough? *sigh*

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Awwh, that's not nice. Sorry OP, and I'm sure you'll have a grand relationship.