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That's okay! What happens at a bachelor(ette) party, stays at the bachelor(ette) party. It would be completely evil for your friends to ever mention it to anyone.

"I got so wasted" Even though it's a party, you could have been a little bit more responsible.


"I got so wasted" Even though it's a party, you could have been a little bit more responsible.

the whole point of a batchelorette party/batchelor party is to let your hair down and have a little fun. If she spent the whole night being responsible then the whole thing would have been a waste of time. Just because you don't know how to have fun doesn't mean you need to be everyone else's buzz kill.

Fair enough, I still think YDI for reasons such as not knowing how you act drunk and what you would do.

that's ok, if i were the fiance i'd use it as an excuse to cheat on you later :)

YDI for having bad grammar. It's "There ARE photos" or, possibly, "There's A PHOTO" idiot

what makes you think the fiance didn't have a bachelor party? It's a bloody Hen Night, the women are supposed to have naughty fun.

I completly agree with #2. Those kinds of parties are notorious for being crazy and fun. I don't think it's a fml.

how do you know how to do it? Pervy hooker.

hey retard correcting grammar they used it correct idiot she pretty much wrote "there is pictures"

130, say that out loud. "there is pictures". "Is" is used for singular. For more than one, you would use "There are", and even if there was just one photo, it would still be "There is -a-photo." Get it?

65-What the hell? OP makes a grammar mistake, so she deserves all of this? What kind of logic is that? YDI should be used for something that's relevant to the FML instead of a grammatical error. OP, I can't really relate because in my religion, drinking is not allowed. But I'm sure it must have made things REALLY awkward after...good look sorting that out. FYL

YDI for being careless but FML because at least you where drunk

YDI for being a bachelorette and having a stripper

That's okay! What happens at a bachelor(ette) party, stays at the bachelor(ette) party. It would be completely evil for your friends to ever mention it to anyone.

.. Theres photos

They're not supposed to show the photos to anyone. It's the unwritten code of bachelor(ette) parties.

#80 - finally, someone who gets it! If your partner hired a stripper any other night, most people would be PISSED. But on one night, it's okay?

so, by your logic, Lacey, finding someone else attractive and checking them out should be considered cheating, too? like i said before, it isn't as if she screwed him or anything, she just instructed him on how to improve his methods. having a stripper at your party is not cheating. you'll be hard-pressed to find anyone besides you who thinks so. members of the clergy don't count.

Lacey's just a bitch...let it be.

except in most cases...about 90 to 99.9% of the time, you don't have sex with the stripper. someone hired for sex is called a prostitute, whore, hooker, etc. A stripper, on the other hand, does exactly that. strips. takes their clothes off. dances around. things like that. so, yes, you ARE wrong.

other people took care of most of this, ie the sex thing, but i couldn't help but point this out: "You might not believe that to be true but it does not mean that i am wrong" If you had had a smaller vocabulary, you could have written the same sentance with the same meaning like this: You might think i'm wrong, but it does not mean that i am wrong Yes - by not believing you are right, Xander inherently believes that you are wrong.

Lacey: we're not stupid, we just think differently than you do. The entire point of a bachelor/ bachelorette party is that it's (supposedly) the LAST time you do something crazy like hiring a stripper. It's not like OP was planning on doing this weekly for the rest of the marriage, it's just the last opportunity for her to act "single." At this point, it's almost traditional. ;D

being in love also doesn't always mean ur only going to have sex with that person ie: swingers also not all marriages have "I will be faithful" as part of the vows it's traditional that they do but if u write ur own vows ur not forced to add that

I stopped reading Lacey comment after she references strippers as people who are paid to have sex. Sorry girly, you're mistaken. The word you're looking for is prostitute. There is absolutely nothing wrong with bachelor/bachelorette parties unless the future bride or groom-to-be kisses or engages in sexual activity with someone other than their significant other. There are "classy" bachorette parties and I would know because two of my best friends have had theirs and both were in Vegas. We gambled, got wasted and flirted with every thing with a penis. we even hired a secret stripper for one of my friends who is super shy and reserved. She still remembers it as one of the best days of her life. you don't have to sacrifice your morals at a bachelorette party. if you are marrying, it is a given that you're mature enough to understand what each of you considers "cheating". And yes, definition of cheating does differ from person to person. Coming from someone who's been there, bacherlotte parties are fun and are one last chance to really "let loose" and close the chapter of an unmarried life before you open a new chapter of one of eternal commitment. Many people may not see it this but my married friends do. Oh and one last shocker, guess what? they are both happily married.

My girlfriend is a stripper, and she gets me lapdances all the time. Sometimes we get lapdances together from the same girl, or I watch her get one from another girl. It's all in great fun and it's awesome to do that kinda shit together. In no way is it cheating. If anything, the lapdances are just a stepping stone to one fantastic night alone with her.

4 - Nice picture, though

Haha, that's not so bad. It's not like you had sex with the guy. Your future husband will probably laugh about it too.

exactly, this isn't an FML as long as you had fun :)

Just be glad he doesn't have a profile pic

It's not "There's pictures," as this in full form is, "There is pictures." It should be, "There're," or, "There are pictures."

Really? You have nothing better to do than correct people's English on

hahaha " There're" isn't even a word. It's "they're" you shouldn't act so pretentious next time

"They are photos"??? Um, no, he/she was trying to combine THERE and ARE. Sorry you missed that.

I could honestly care less--but while we're at it jfjgh-- "They're" would be "They are" but FYL lol

I am completely correct in this matter.

lmao you actually aren't

Is every one saying they arent photos then? But, since there're isnt a word, "there's" takes the same meaning and IS grammatically correct,

BWAHAHA!! I now hold the power to thumbs down grammar nazis! Let my will be done

36 - This form still wouldn't work though, since "they're" means "they are", and "they are photos" makes no sense. OP should've written "There are photos"...but really, who hasn't said "there's" to mean "there are" before?

look, I'm not saying YDI for being drunk, I'm saying YDI for not anticipating that you'd do something like that at your bachelorette party. and come one, it's not that bad. it's not like you fucked the guy. the photos are just something you'll look back on one day and laugh hysterically at.

WOW! That's the spirit! But seriously one tip for you, Destroy the pictures:)

No, don't destroy them. Think about how hilarious that will be a few years down the road. You go, OP. ;-)

as long as you had fun :) we all know the crazy things that happen at these kinda parties

where can we see the pictures?

Hahaa nice going :P