By N - 08/02/2009 08:04 - United States

Today, my best friend told me she wanted to rape my throat. I did not know that was possible. FML
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you were sorely mistaken.


surprise throatsecks!!!!

*quagmire voice* it is, op, it is

you were sorely mistaken.

emphasis on the "sore" :)

Dude, she didn't mean that in a bad way. Think French kiss. At least I hope so. If "she" is really a "he" you might want to take a self defense class and wear a metal mask at nights.

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Or she'd get a strap on and fuck your throat with a big, black cock. That would work.

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lmao @ #18 That isn't a bad thing. That means she's crazy horny and you should just tap that before it gets away. Unless you know she's crazy, then you should probably keep a hand gun with you cause she might literally rape you in the throat.

um #20, i really don't see what difference it makes whether it's a male or a female. no one wants to get their throat raped, because if they did, it wouldn't be throat RAPE. and being throat raped would do an equal amount of damage to a man as it would to a woman. although i don't exactly know how a woman would manage to rape someone's throat, i'm sure there are ways.

woops, read it wrong. silly me.

XD what? I hope she wasn't serious. Unless you wanted her to be I suppose.

It's called a Cincinnati Bowtie and you'd first need to get a trachiotomy - and she'd need to get a strap-on.

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