By AngryLittleMan - 23/04/2012 03:00 - United States

Today, I discovered something more dangerous than drivers who text: drivers who break your car windows with a bat while stopped at a red light. FML
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Eesh that's scary. I hope you're okay and I hope the person was/gets caught.


Geeze that's scary... hope it didn't get much worse, and FYL. ._.

Hey Satanist lady, can you talk to Satan directly? I have some choice words for him.

there is some fucked up people on this planet

I find it kind of ironic for a satanist to want to remove suffering from the world…but that's just me.

And your profile picture is of you (or someone else) holding a pentagram.

I may just be talking out of my ass here but there are a few kinds of satanist (just like any religion there are extremists) and one kind sees Satan as the bringer of knowledge and truth. To them god is a fearsome tyrant and Satan is leading the rebellion with "true" peace... But like I said. That is simply observation. Might be she is more pagan than satanic which is a completely different thing. A lot more caring too.

I just noticed that I has pressed the send button too early, my comment was meant to say: 'And you're comment is of you (or someone else) holding a pentagram. Yet you're telling us what's scary.'

Actually the pentagram is a pagan symbol that the church has tried to destroy along with the winter solstice and other pagan events by making it a Christian event or relating it to something evil/satanic. ie: the pentagram. Google the meaning for easy reference. It is actually supposed to represent something good.

But if you would read her bio it says that she is a satinets.

How about this, shut up

I don't see why it matters what she is to y'all assholes. stop assuming shit u stupid fucktards.. oh guess what? I'm a Christian. so take tht for stereotypes bitch.

That is the ultimate question of life , the world and everything. Discuss it over a cup of tea ?

No need, the answer to life, the universe and everything is already out there. It's 42.

My mistake "life , the universe and everything!" it is 42! At least you managed to get the reference :)

Damnit, Anu26 you beat me to it!

Def in my top 10 greatest kid movies of all time.

The movie sucked. The book is infinitely funnier.

What's the movies name

"hitch hikers guide to the galaxy" actually the movie was better because of the added scenes though the story explains more of the random stuff. Ps: Never forget your towel.

And don't panic. I honestly think the books were better than the movie. The older tv series was ok.

Eesh that's scary. I hope you're okay and I hope the person was/gets caught.

*minding your own business* Then some crazy person runs to your winshield with a crazed look and goes ape on your shit

Are you the angry little man or was he?

Girls go crazy when their pmsing.. I pushed my mom in a bush for laughing at me once. I wouldn't be suprised

Why? Did you do something to anger that guy or did you piss off some gang?

I find it funny that 6 had a more logical comment than 50 but 50 isnt getting thumbed down. Wow.

Ok WTF 1 he must be a fkin lunatic on drug 2 he might need anger management or 3 i woulda ran over his ass with the car as soon as the light turn green VROOM VROOM BITCH

screw waiting for the light to turn green, self defence! I doubt any judge would rule against you in this situation

1 thing you need #7 is to go back to english class.

HAHAHA VROOM VROOM BITCH. But seriously, no.

After attempting to read that, my brain almost blew up, nearly obliterated Moscow.

I think I just got a few degrees dumber by reading that.

All I could understand was 'VROOM VROOM BITCH!'. Maybe you want to take another English class?

Bitches be crazy!

they always said not to cross the tracks after dark. lol. that sucks though

There goes the expensive window

That's some road rage! Holy shat!

Hey there! Hit me up? =)

^Hey Asshole. This isn't a dating site.

Your pretty and all but Shat? Fuck say shit