By AngryLittleMan - 23/04/2012 03:00 - United States

Today, I discovered something more dangerous than drivers who text: drivers who break your car windows with a bat while stopped at a red light. FML
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Eesh that's scary. I hope you're okay and I hope the person was/gets caught.


Shadow_Phantom 26

Geeze that's scary... hope it didn't get much worse, and FYL. ._.

Hey Satanist lady, can you talk to Satan directly? I have some choice words for him.

there is some ****** up people on this planet

JocelynKaulitz 28

I find it kind of ironic for a satanist to want to remove suffering from the world…but that's just me.

NoisyNykkii 10

And your profile picture is of you (or someone else) holding a pentagram.

nattynatters 14

I may just be talking out of my ass here but there are a few kinds of satanist (just like any religion there are extremists) and one kind sees Satan as the bringer of knowledge and truth. To them god is a fearsome tyrant and Satan is leading the rebellion with "true" peace... But like I said. That is simply observation. Might be she is more pagan than satanic which is a completely different thing. A lot more caring too.

NoisyNykkii 10

I just noticed that I has pressed the send button too early, my comment was meant to say: 'And you're comment is of you (or someone else) holding a pentagram. Yet you're telling us what's scary.'

Actually the pentagram is a pagan symbol that the church has tried to destroy along with the winter solstice and other pagan events by making it a Christian event or relating it to something evil/satanic. ie: the pentagram. Google the meaning for easy reference. It is actually supposed to represent something good.

jake3292 5

But if you would read her bio it says that she is a satinets.

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I don't see why it matters what she is to y'all assholes. stop assuming shit u stupid fucktards.. oh guess what? I'm a Christian. so take tht for stereotypes bitch.

That is the ultimate question of life , the world and everything. Discuss it over a cup of tea ?

fanaticdragon 10

No need, the answer to life, the universe and everything is already out there. It's 42.

My mistake "life , the universe and everything!" it is 42! At least you managed to get the reference :)

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Damnit, Anu26 you beat me to it!

Michael_92 20

Def in my top 10 greatest kid movies of all time.

bfsd42 20

The movie sucked. The book is infinitely funnier.

BehindU 5

"hitch hikers guide to the galaxy" actually the movie was better because of the added scenes though the story explains more of the random stuff. Ps: Never forget your towel.

diidiimi 10

And don't panic. I honestly think the books were better than the movie. The older tv series was ok.

Eesh that's scary. I hope you're okay and I hope the person was/gets caught.

*minding your own business* Then some crazy person runs to your winshield with a crazed look and goes ape on your shit

ifoundalaska 11

Are you the angry little man or was he?

Girls go crazy when their pmsing.. I pushed my mom in a bush for laughing at me once. I wouldn't be suprised

Why? Did you do something to anger that guy or did you piss off some gang?

siickman 7

I find it funny that 6 had a more logical comment than 50 but 50 isnt getting thumbed down. Wow.

demonkonga 5

Ok WTF 1 he must be a fkin lunatic on drug 2 he might need anger management or 3 i woulda ran over his ass with the car as soon as the light turn green VROOM VROOM BITCH

screw waiting for the light to turn green, self defence! I doubt any judge would rule against you in this situation

hellbilly205 17

1 thing you need #7 is to go back to english class.

HAHAHA VROOM VROOM BITCH. But seriously, no.

After attempting to read that, my brain almost blew up, nearly obliterated Moscow.

I think I just got a few degrees dumber by reading that.

pickles2b2 4

All I could understand was 'VROOM VROOM BITCH!'. Maybe you want to take another English class?

jonmc 3

they always said not to cross the tracks after dark. lol. that sucks though

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There goes the expensive window

challan 19

That's some road rage! Holy shat!

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^Hey Asshole. This isn't a dating site.

Your pretty and all but Shat? **** say shit