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  nattynatters  |  14

I may just be talking out of my ass here but there are a few kinds of satanist (just like any religion there are extremists) and one kind sees Satan as the bringer of knowledge and truth. To them god is a fearsome tyrant and Satan is leading the rebellion with "true" peace... But like I said. That is simply observation. Might be she is more pagan than satanic which is a completely different thing. A lot more caring too.

  NoisyNykkii  |  10

I just noticed that I has pressed the send button too early, my comment was meant to say: 'And you're comment is of you (or someone else) holding a pentagram. Yet you're telling us what's scary.'

  Ryan8878  |  21

Actually the pentagram is a pagan symbol that the church has tried to destroy along with the winter solstice and other pagan events by making it a Christian event or relating it to something evil/satanic. ie: the pentagram. Google the meaning for easy reference. It is actually supposed to represent something good.

  randi8907  |  3

I don't see why it matters what she is to y'all assholes. stop assuming shit u stupid fucktards..
oh guess what? I'm a Christian. so take tht for stereotypes bitch.

  Nevereverland  |  8

"hitch hikers guide to the galaxy" actually the movie was better because of the added scenes though the story explains more of the random stuff. Ps: Never forget your towel.

By  demonkonga  |  5

Ok WTF 1 he must be a fkin lunatic on drug 2 he might need anger management or 3 i woulda ran over his ass with the car as soon as the light turn green VROOM VROOM BITCH