By samantha - 27/01/2010 14:05 - Singapore

Today, I was sick with the flu so my boyfriend announced that he would make me some chicken soup. It was touching until I stumbled to the kitchen and found out that his "chicken soup" was actually leftover KFC bones boiled in water. FML
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Oh, yeah. FYL because you have a boyfriend that actually cares. Stop being a whiny bitch and appreciate that he's at least trying to help you feel better.

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Today I tried to be nice and make my sick girlfriend chicken noodles soup from scratch with some kfc I had but all she did was bitch about it instead of being appreciative. fml


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He was still trying to make soup from scratch with what he had. Plenty of people make soup with bones. It gives the soup flavor. And plenty of people just like to piss and moan when someone tries to do something nice for them just not the exact way they'd like. This is not a FML.

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haha gutted!!. did it taste any good?

Okay, I just need to clarify. Most of the comments below are expressing disgust about how he would serve her broth with bones it in. But very few people seems to understand that the process for creating chicken broth is to boil leftover meat and bones in water so the flavor is spread through the water. When you're done with the boiling process you filter out the bones so all you have left is a delicious broth. That's when you add the extra meat and noodles. As for germs, most micro organism can't live in such a harsh environment except for Archaebacteria but you'll never find that in standard food. The practice of boiling drinking what was very common in past societies as it was one of the only ways of getting clean water. So I think that this is more of an FML for the boyfriend for having a stupid and ignorant girlfriend who didn't know how to make soup. Maybe KFC bones weren't the best choice in the world but if that's all that's available then I really think you should be grateful for what her did.

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Thank you! I cannot understand why this is an FML. OK, granted KFC isn't the best choice... but I'm surprised at how many people don't understand that that's how broth is made! Boil the bones and whatever is left on them... ta daaa... Now, if he served her just a bowl of broth with the bones still in it, I can see how that would be a bit unsettling. Still not terrible, though.

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Oh yum, where's that soup at!?

I think that's cute! wat did u expect? he's a male... at least he tried. 

He tried. That shows he loves you. KFC chicken might not be the best but that is how you make chicken soup. Better soup next- make soup together once adn then he'll know

I've made chicken soup with just chicken meat (and no bones). I hate having to deal with the bones and it still gives it a very chickeny flavor.

you fool, boiled chicken bones makes chicken STOCK all chicken noodle soup is chicken stock and noodles

Oh, whatever, "Your Life Rocks" for having a boyfriend who clearly tries very hard! That's kind of adorable, if silly... and probably horrible tasting. haha.

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I am thankful that there are people that understand how to cook and not just jump to conclusions. I would love it if my boyfriend made me homemade chicken soup rather than from a can. It shows that he cares that much more. You should be happy that he did that.

It's really cool that you know all that about the origins of chicken soup, but how many people really DO? Don't go calling the poor girl 'ignorant'. Most people wouldn't know something that irrelevant to their day-to-day lives. I had some inkling of it because I'm well read, but I didn't know it in depth like you did. Furthermore, you really don't seem to have quite as much of a handle on food safety as you think you do. Yes, bacteria are killed by the cooking process. HOWEVER. Spoiled food can still have residual toxins left BEHIND by the bacteria, and some of these won't be neutralized short of being burned to a crisp. Using leftover meat products... not necessarily horrible. If they've already been cooked, I.E. by a restaurant such as KFC it'd be ok, PROVIDED they were put back in the fridge after the meat was eaten off. But who keeps leftover chicken bones refrigerated? I bet this guy pulled them out of the compost. Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!

What does being male have to anything? Some of the top chefs in the world are male.

Oh, yeah. FYL because you have a boyfriend that actually cares. Stop being a whiny bitch and appreciate that he's at least trying to help you feel better.

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Stop bitching! Don't act like you haven't had nastier things in your mouth before! I would love to have a boyfriend that cares that much!

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We should see if the girl with the KKK boyfriend wants to trade. Or the one whose boyfriend cheated on her with a coworker. Or the one whose boyfriend made out with her mom. They are truly blessed not to have a boyfriend who cares this much. Almost makes me not wanna try, eh?

Wow. really? Maybe you should dump your P.O.S. and get a bf who cares and stop telling other people to stop bitching.

He's not an Ass. He made her broth from scratch. Thats actually how you make broth, you boil chicken bones with a bit of meat and fat/cartilage still left on them and add oinion powder, garlic powder and salt. YDI for not knowing shit about cooking.

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oh, I actually didn't know that. mah bad.

Yeah it's called chicken stock, and its more thoughtful than a can of campbell's. Mmmmm campbells soup is good.

agreed! thank you #27 .... he was on the right track, just not quite there! the thought is there though, lucky you!

Exactly, he made a chicken broth from scratch. Although I suppose KFC probably isn't the best place to get your bones.

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Thank you #27! I can't believe OP didn't realize how soup was made anyways. I'm sure commercial chicken soup is just as nasty sounding to make...but that's how you make stock. Thank you!

To make chicken soup from scratch, you must first invent the universe.

I grew up on Campbell's... then I had chicken soup made from scratch... I can't go back anymore; it's too salty).

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Actually it's broth. Stock is made with bones only. Unless he DID pull all the meat off the bones, but in that case, the poster is just even more of a bitch for not appreciating all the time her boyfriend took to care for her. Unless, yeah, he did just serve it to you like that and has clearly never had or seen chicken soup.

At least he tried. That's kind of sweet :)

Theres a piece of the Colonel in every piece of chicken!!

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Today I tried to be nice and make my sick girlfriend chicken noodles soup from scratch with some kfc I had but all she did was bitch about it instead of being appreciative. fml


and then I broke up with her cause she's a bitch. fixed*

Okay, so I don't think this guy is the worst person in the world. It's kind of cute, but seriously revolting at the same time. Why is everyone acting like this guy deserves an award? And she is being a whiny bitch? You guys eat boiled KFC chicken bones that someones been chewing on.

He made you chicken bone soup and you just sit there complaining? You should be grateful he gave you anything since you're obviously a malignant *****.