By Anonymous - 10/06/2013 15:55 - United States - Pleasanton

Today, I was in the bathroom at work when I ran out of toilet paper. There was another guy in the restroom so I asked him if he could hand me a roll. He laughed, called me a dumbass, turned off the lights and walked out. FML
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Note to self: always bring a flashlight to public bathrooms from now on.

At least you didn't suddenly hear the door lock and someone say: "I want to play a game".


that's when you gotta be grateful for socks!

Misswildsides 22

Thats one reason why I hate using public toilets. Some people are so unsanitary, don't flush, and wipe stuff on the walls. But when I do use a public toilet, I always check for toilet paper.

At least you didn't suddenly hear the door lock and someone say: "I want to play a game".

CallMeMcFeelii 13

The dirtiest restroom I've ever been to was in New Jersey at the Van's Warped Tour. There was literally a half inch of piss on the floor. ******* disgusting. I'd almost rather do the deed outside than in most public restrooms.

SkyGuy32 17

No need to use a sock. There's nobody else in the restroom now, OP would be able to move to another stall. If not, socks it is.

ginawater19 13

Note to self: always bring a flashlight to public bathrooms from now on.

There is actually a free flashlight app for most phones. It's bright as ****.

Not to interject with something entirely off topic, but I am curious if anyone else is seeing these FML's posted as October 6th 2013, instead of today's date June 10th 2013??

grobinson 9

its posted in day, month, year format. most of the world uses this system. other than the US, however, I'm not sure of any others that use month first.

ginawater19 13

If you're from a different country it probably seems as if it is 10/6/2013 but in America is 6/10/2013.

In that case then what happened to OP was because of karma and so the other guy was fully justified. OP must've been one hell of a dick to someone then, and hence, YDI OP. JK Karma is BS

#3 how did you know his co worker's name?

I believe some revenge is in order. TP his house. He'll have plenty to share after that.

^that with a flaming bag of OPs shyt on the front door does seem like pretty fitting revenge

I always wondered what the big deal was with toilet papering a house or tree until someone did it to my neighbour's tree. It looked so pretty until it rained. :P

That guy sounds like a boner-stain. Payback, ************, payback.

hannahsnyder69 16

Boner stain? That's a new one

Always remember to bring in the extra toilet paper!

I'm continually amazed at the sheer rudeness of some people.

I agree. I mean, if OP lived in Canada the guy would've probably ran to the store to buy a pack for OP and then refuse to be paid back. Damn, I want to live in Canada...

TheDrifter 23

You miss the Canadian sense of humor. We'd have brought him tp, then set it just out of reach and waited for the inevitable thump of OP falling off the throne trying to reach it.

ervington 8

Are you really? I'm never surprised anymore.

Oh no... you're in an empty bathroom, and you have to waddle to the next stall using your cellphones light. It could have been a lot worse and A LOT more embarrassing

DeathInACan 3

And then this FML would have had another sentence stating: "When I went to waddle into the next stall, my boss walked in.."

nurchok 15

... and turned on the light :)

hippo1234 19

Sounds like the guy was inconsiderate to OP's asshole...