By hamster cookie - 17/10/2009 21:08 - France

Today, my 6 year old son learned that if you give a mouse a cookie, he will ask for a glass of milk. But if you give a hamster a cookie, he will try to shove the whole thing in his mouth, choke, and die. FML
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At least he died with the sugary goodness of a cookie in his mouth.

Oh that sucks hard...sorry for your creature


Oh that sucks hard...sorry for your creature

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Lol creature? Sorry for your hamster OP.

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ahahhah creature


not hard enough, evidently

...can I have the cookie?

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lmao for some reason I love this comment

1 are you reffering to the kid?

my friend microwaved her hamster after giving it a bath. she wasn't allowed to use a hair dryer but she could use a microwave!

is it bad I laughed at this fml??? lol

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lol I remember I gave my hamster an Oreo and stuff it all in his mouth

It's a children's book.

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what's up with you're first comment

Aw, that's horrible. What made you think a hampster would just eat it? They naturally shove things in their cheeks to save food for later! Stick to little nuts and chuncks of fruit next time.

My hampster would eat anything.

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Guys hamster. Not hampster.

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Well the way it's written says the six-year-old gave the hamster the cookie. I'm sure OP is smarter than that, but six-year-olds aren't quite there yet and will copy cute things in childrens books. (On a side note, If You Give a Pig a Pancake is better. :P)

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Only if you put bacon on it...

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will there be a next time?

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awee :(

I used to feed my hamster Honey Nut Loop cereal when I was really young. He used to get proper hyper on the sugar. He died about a month after I started feeding him them..

You're a moron, why would you kill your pet?

Tiny children aren't exactly known for their ability to care for themselves, much less for other animals.

At least he died with the sugary goodness of a cookie in his mouth.

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Same hear. That sucks though.

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hahaha that sucks but I HAD to laugh hillarious epic fail.

Mickey can't talk anymore :c

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i is pretty funny.....i had that book a long time ago...

That is so sad and so funny at the same time...

omg; lol well kids will be kids and curious.

11? AW lucky. I want 1 but i have 2 cats. :

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i have three cats, its dogs that are a problem (learned that the hard way...)

I have a cat, a dwarf hamster and a mouse. The cat's no problem.

I have a cat, two dogs, two parakeets, and sea monkeys 

Please take the path on the left into the large pit and terminate yourself.