By Anonymous - 01/07/2014 21:41 - Canada - Toronto

Today, my 6-year-old brother showed me the "books" he's been writing for the past week. My parents, who are first-generation immigrants, want him to take the books to school to show everyone. My only problem with this? The main character's name is "Wanker". FML
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Brothers look up to older siblings You could convince him to change the name (:


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Is his american brother named Fapper and his sister Schlicker and his grandpa Cantgetaboner

Wanker. Potato po-tah-toh. He's a kid man, it's all innocent fun, and the adults'll get a hell of a laugh out of it.

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Won't be a problem if Wanker is a girl

Apparently some people failed to get the Married With Children reference regarding Peggy (Wanker) Bundy. My faith in humanity has decreased even more this day. God this world can't come to an end soon enough...

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Well... that escalated quickly.

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Don't worry, being an old grumpy pants will ensure it will end soon enough. For you.

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I thought the good died young and the evil lived forever. Unless I've been wrong this whole time mister grumpy pants will just live a lot longer than us and he will be miserable.

Smooth Pancakes, just because people don't recognize an obscure reference from a TV show you want the world to end?

Brothers look up to older siblings You could convince him to change the name (:

Plot twist: OP turns out to be 5, making them the younger sibling

That wasn't a plot twist for me! I was already picturing OP to be younger than the brother. Although, I must admit I was going more for three and a half rather than five.

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All the down votes. its too much!!

Just tell them what that is and (hopefully) they will change their minds.

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Umm, wasn't this about the OP's LITTLE brother? And he didn't see any problem with the name because he is only six years old. It would be at least a little awkward to hear for the first time about that topic from a sibling, and it may make the OP uncomfortable talking about that topic to their younger brother.

I am curious to know what the hell #31 was talking about. This FML says nothing about a different language...

Fairly certain #31 is referring to OP explaining this to their parents, who are first gen immigrants. Since they're unaware of words like wanker, English might not be a strong suit - hence the mention of a different language to explain the situation.

that's quite a common insult here in England lol. But for real, FYL for not being able to convince them otherwise. It'll be quite the amusing meeting with the instructor :)

BigBootyJudy6969 best name ever. maybe I can be the wanker if we arrange something ;)

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Kindly suggest a name change to him or your parents (though he'd probably take your advice). That or just don't sweat it, he's a kid who doesn't know any better about what that means. Plus, at least where I live in Canada, people don't really use the term "wanker" that often.. So maybe the Canadians in your area might not either.

Regardless of it being used commonly or not in the area, it is still quite the insult for a child to say. Also, many students may ask what the word means, or even worse, begin to repeat it, which could cause some trouble for the instructor.

bigbootyjudy6969 is right. (nice name by the way) it could spread further and make a mess of the class and such. to bigbootyjudy6969 can we arrange something so I can be the wanker ;).

Assuming he hand-wrote them you may be able to pull a sneaky spy move and change it every time to Walker.

Don't be a wanker and tell him to change the name. How complicated can that be?