By ItHurtsLIkeHell - 01/03/2010 09:13 - Malaysia

Today, I learnt that if you accidentally sit on a hamster, instead of dying, it bites your testicles. FML
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RedTriceratops 0

But I don't have testicles.

I hope you learned to look where you sit.


Ouch. This must have been the FIRST time it happened to you!

that sucks for you

Horney4her69 0

did u sit on it naked?

... how why the hell would you sit on it??!!

NatashaTheGeek 0

Why the **** would you sit on a hamster?

Exactly... why would you sit on it naked? I can't even think of a silly pun for this FML...

If u guys weren't retarded, it says "accidentally" sat on it.

Ever heard of an accident, retard?

You're right, accidents do happen... ...still, unless the OP walks around his house naked all the time or just happened to be changing it is an odd situation at best. I can see how the OP might sit on a hamster but doing it naked makes me doubt this FML... though it does make it more funny

YDI for trying to teabag a hamster

Why does he have to be naked? A hamster is more than capable of biting through trousers/underwear!

denbeste 3

Another theory well busted.

denbeste 3

Another theory well busted.

To the people assuming the guy was naked: If he sits on the hamster wearing something light such as boxers or some thin nightwear shorts/pants thing, the hamster will easily bite his balls through the clothes. Do you know why their cages are always made of metal and never wood or plastic? THEY CHEW THROUGH IT. Really sharp teeth. So believe me, if OP was wearing anything but really thick denim, it would probably go through in one bite. Even denim, it might go through.

i'll bet you did it in the name of science. its good to have people like you in this world. AND its good that you won't be able to get kids now -.- serves you right...

Thanks, now we know.

omg that ****** sucks OP!! I once had a hamster bite my finger and man it went deep in me! I hope it didn't bust your ball :(

poooook 0

so you sat...on your hamster...naked ? yeah, that's not fked up or anything ?

Who's the ******* bitch who moderated my post? I was first, and I said, "I guess this was the FIRST time it happened to you!"

Today, some fat idiot sat on me, so I bit his balls, I got a mouth full of pubes. FML.

LOL that's so appropriate given your pic, #165.

pun619 0

Today, I foun out that if you sit on a rattle snake, instead of dieng, it bites you in the crotch!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!FML

@98, my hamster once chewed off one of the bars of her cage. I came in one morning and the metal bar was lying on the floor of her cage. luckley it was the one right under the lip of the plastic base. but they really can chew through anything. ;)

pedobearsstalker 0

today, I was sleeping on a chair when some @$$hole came and sat on me

i think people keep missing the word "accidently" as in, not on purpose

he was trying to give you head

#11 y dont u actually read the post?

lol. FUCK YOUR BALLS LIVES...... if there's any left in them 

Pearljammer001 0

this fml should be for your balls.

so u were EXPECTING it to die.....

loveyoy22 0

that's what I was thinking...

QueenPersephone 9

You 'accidently sat on a hamster' and it bit your testicles? That sounds like some kind of bs story a guy who walks into an ER with a paper towel roll stuck up his ass would spin. F your hamster's life.

ooo! you mean LEARNED**

Guerilla8 0

hahaha.... "it went deep in me"

1sarcasticmind_fml_fml 0

survival mode, do you blame it? if something more than 50 times your size tries to sit on you are you just going to lay there?

why were you naked sitting on your hampster? sick ****

anlhawks 5

they have sharp teeth! I got bit and my finger swelled. op, did your balls swell?

121, and knowingbis half the battle

Aaahahhahahhazz... 1st!

sorry, but I beat you to the punch :D

ah nothing is better than accidentally sitting on hamster naked

GeoThermalSleuth 0

This reminds me of my demonic Hamster "Hamtaro" I had when I was 7. I had him for many months. he was very mean and always tried to murder me. One day he bit my sister. He struck a Blood Vien, and she was gushing blood from out of her hand, all over her new shirt and the floor. Good Times, Good Times.

Are you trying to say that Spider-Man 2 was good? I laugh at that idea.

pendulum2012 0

hey, Spider Man 3 makes Spider Man 2 look like Citizen Kane.

guys, he could have put it down on there because he had to go the washroom or something, and forget he put it there and sit on it by accident. its still a fail

woah nice muscles dgross bro

At first I read "hammer" instead of "hamster."

patrost 0


RedTriceratops 0

But I don't have testicles.

what happened to the terminology "happy sacks?"

S0biTeMe 4

Balls--that sucks.

In Soviet Russia, Testicles bite Hamster.

Fabby_fml 2


MXavierT 0

Epic x over 9000

subMortal7331 0

"Shut up spalding!"

haha wow y would u do that in the first place??

cause he's retarded

example he put learnt which isn't a word

zippit09 0

Think you need to go visit Mr Dictionary.

I hope you learned to look where you sit.

EqualisticDan 0

Ahh, ouch indeed. Well atleast you now know that accidentally sitting on hamsters is hazardous to your testicals.

ydi for not paying attention.

So basicly, a hamster just about popped your cherry?

did u let that little guy nibble on your asshole?

The gerbil was already there ; )

No he got a bj from a hamster