By sarad206 - 19/02/2014 21:09 - United States

Today, I was cleaning the bathrooms at work. An older gentlemen came in and needed to use it. He said to me "Oh no, PLEASE stay, just don't look." I don't get paid enough for this. FML
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I find it terrifying that he said "please".

Ya that's bullshit, he wouldn't even let you look. FYL


Oooh, Kinky.

You called? Oh no wait, no one ever calls me. . .damn.

Only Beetlejuice can say that

sucks for you, bet you heard it as well

I find it terrifying that he said "please".

I'm just picturing this insanely lonely old man :(

He must've been Canadian.

#33 Because all polite old men with no shame in their wrinkly manhood are from Canada, right?

When I grow old I hope to be that confident in my wrinkly old manhood. My balls will sag to my knees but screw it! Lets show the world!

#33 there is absolutely no chance of him being Candian, I didn't see the word "Eh" in that entire conversation

Aww old people are so cute

Ya that's bullshit, he wouldn't even let you look. FYL

Id let op watch, without braking eye contact

Definitely have to have full speed eye contact

Yeah, most old dudes want everybody to look at it.

Aw, he just wanted to be friends!

At least your job is exciting!

I don't cleaning bathrooms is an exciting job!!!!!

That "Please stay" is bad enough

He could have asked for assistance!

well atleast he didn't ask you to hold it

Maybe he did. We haven't gotten that far yet.

And they call them the "Golden Years".

Because once you get old you drink too much and your piss is forever golden

Actually, he was thinking of a shower, not a year.