By fatman - 14/12/2009 18:49 - United States

Today, I was on a plane. The person sitting next to me was using the plane's wifi, and was on Facebook. They joined the group 'I hate sitting next to fat people on airplanes'. FML
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crumsnatcha 4

Did they join the group 'I hate people who look over my shoulder and read my screen' afterward? CUZ THAT'S WHATCHA DID.


xxxNataliexxx 0

Congrats your the first ****** of the year and OP that does suck : /

skullbashd 3

I was kicked out of the I had sex with a goat group for breaking the only rule

kmknotek 0

and this still doesnt mean op is fat..... god fmls are sucking more and more

unitedfan11 0

I don't dislike fat people but when I have to sit next to one on a united airlines airplane, it AGGRAVATING!!

Yep. It's fairly neat. The airline I know for sure that has it is Delta Airlines. Right now, they're under a lot of promotions, so the service is currently free. Normally, it's $9.95 for one flight usage. It's surprisingly quick, though.

That's what I thought, guess it's been a long time since I've been in the air. On the other hand, I'm sick and ******* tired of people complaining about facebook. FOR **** SAKES ITS FACEBOOK!!"Wow my life is sooo ******, my girlfrend dumped me on FACEBOOK!" Grow up facebook doesn't equal life

It's not like it's really business, unless of course, facebook is SERIOUS Bussiness.

crumsnatcha 4

Did they join the group 'I hate people who look over my shoulder and read my screen' afterward? CUZ THAT'S WHATCHA DID.

that's what I was thinking... YDI for reading over people's shoulders, maybe they realized you were being rude as hell by doing that and decided to join that group to piss you off.

haha i was thinking the exact same thing!

itsmeppl 0

is ur profile pic off weeworld?

SailorSolaris 43

If the person was on the labtop or something, I can't see how OP couldn't have seen it. Same for an iPad. Besides, those seats are small!

ExtremeEncounter 32

How the **** do you have to look over the shoulder of someone who is literally sitting right next to you?

Well it's true. Sitting next to fat people anywhere is annoying. The seats aren't made for them, so I guess it sucks for them as well. Nothing against fat people, it's your life/health, but if it affects other people then we should be allowed to complain. Just like we complain about people with loud music in public spaces, etc.

fastbunny 0

But Wut can they do magically get skinny

Omg I can't imagine having anything SO ******* rude cross my mind!!! Truly pathetic!!!!

terriibabiiix23 0

woww, thats SO rude of them ! FYLL.

xd0rkiee 0

You've never heard of people on their laptops while their flying? The pilot tells you to turn them off, but after a period of time, you can turn them back on. --;

you haven't flown recently, then. i'm calling bs on you

Well, you've got my sympathy. Sitting next to assholes is never fun. I'd take a giant over a meanie any day.

OP could join the group too to let his seatmate know that the feeling's mutual.

Whenever I fly, the pilot tells eveybody to turn off wireless features, so I'm calling bs on this.

dumbfuck, that's when is going up and then down....

Cereal_Is_Good 5

Plus, some planes have wifi available to use during the entire flight. Look into things before you say something is bullshit, 10.

C0urante 0

YDI. It SUCKS to sit next to fat people on planes. I'd honestly do that if I knew the person was going to see my actions and be offended by it; it's only fair payback!

Because that'd be more than half the plane. You are aware that ~60% of the population of America is overweight? And you'll find quite a few taller than 5'7 as well. Besides which, wouldn't a midgety section throw off the weight balance of the aircraft?

Coccinelle_fml 15

It drives me crazy when people assume that the only reason people get fat is because they eat like pigs. For your information, there are such things as DISEASES that make people fat and they can't do anything about it. Fatness can also be due to some medication that the OP has to take. You know NOTHING about their life so stop making assumptions that might hurt their feelings. AND losing weight is not that easy. You have to find a diet that works - and trust me not all of them work for everyone!

Sure, there's diseases/other things that aren't food that make you fat. But most times, people ARE fat just because they don't eat as healthy as they should. And fried oreos are ******* awesome.

BLAH BLAH BLAH...I'm fat because of a "medical" condition. I love when fat people play that card. 99% of the time the "medical condition" associated with your being fat is too many ******* cheeseburgers. Take one salad and call me in the morning.

txgirl09 5

I'll admit i've gained weight because of eating. But I was also eating because I handle stress with food and have been through the stress of my house burning down and being in college at the same time (which is its own set of stresses).

Coccinelle_fml 15

Most times doesn't give you the right to generalization. What if OP has been struggling with his fat his entire life but was unable to lose it? Comments like "it's your own damn fault" will be unbearable for him to hear.

You mean the twinkie and bon bon diet is a sham? It's really really simple. Don't eat food loaded with fat for every meal and anytime you need a "snack" and you will not get fat.

Yeah, seriously, some people have low matabollisms, so anythings makes them gain weight. Also, this person might have a disease, or it could be hereditary, so there is nothing they can do about it. I think that people shouldn't call others fat based on fml, because they don't know the op. It's rude and can be hurtful to the op.

wazdog 4

There's a reason why the word over-generalisation exists, because generalisations by themselves are okay. So if most fat people are fat because of their own doing, it is okay to generalise and say YDI. Btw, my friend has hypothyroidism and fatty liver but she's discipline so she isn't fat.

It's so cute when fat/ugly people defend other fat/ugly people with retarded excuses

@#21 sorry but its hard for people to not be so judgemental yes maybe 10 - 15% of fat people in this world is due to meds and diseases but a lot of people it is due to lifestyle choices. Though other things can contribute to it i find that a lot of people would not be so big if they ate semi healthy and did some form of exercise on a daily basis... This coming from a girl that has lost over 30 kg a few years a go and is with a partner who has lost a lot more than that!