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  overrandom  |  4

Yep. It's fairly neat. The airline I know for sure that has it is Delta Airlines. Right now, they're under a lot of promotions, so the service is currently free. Normally, it's $9.95 for one flight usage. It's surprisingly quick, though.


That's what I thought, guess it's been a long time since I've been in the air.

On the other hand, I'm sick and fucking tired of people complaining about facebook. FOR FUCK SAKES ITS FACEBOOK!!"Wow my life is sooo fucked, my girlfrend dumped me on FACEBOOK!"

Grow up

facebook doesn't equal life

  escualida  |  0

that's what I was thinking... YDI for reading over people's shoulders, maybe they realized you were being rude as hell by doing that and decided to join that group to piss you off.

By  D2_fml  |  0

Well it's true. Sitting next to fat people anywhere is annoying. The seats aren't made for them, so I guess it sucks for them as well.

Nothing against fat people, it's your life/health, but if it affects other people then we should be allowed to complain. Just like we complain about people with loud music in public spaces, etc.

  xd0rkiee  |  0

You've never heard of people on their laptops while their flying?
The pilot tells you to turn them off, but after a period of time, you can turn them back on. --;

By  C0urante  |  0

It SUCKS to sit next to fat people on planes. I'd honestly do that if I knew the person was going to see my actions and be offended by it; it's only fair payback!


Because that'd be more than half the plane. You are aware that ~60% of the population of America is overweight? And you'll find quite a few taller than 5'7 as well. Besides which, wouldn't a midgety section throw off the weight balance of the aircraft?