By UnemployedGrad - United States
Today, I was offered a position as a school crossing guard. I have a $200,000 degree in Economics from a top 20 University and was offered a position to hold a stop sign and wear a reflective vest. I was tempted to accept. FML
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By  kaleid0scopeEyes  |  0

You guys are either all in high school or bitter adults who never went to college. In the real world, you go through 4-8 years of (sometimes very expensive) schooling to learn a profession, which you plan to enter after graduation. Its not "whiny" to prepare and expect a white collar job after all this time and money invested in pursuing it. People don't drop 50-200k on college just to work at Walmart after. There are these things called "student loans" a lot of us will need to pay back. The people saying "get over it why do you want everything" are either still living with mommy and daddy and don't know anything about the professional world, or stayed at the local Burger King while all their classmates went on to college and better lives. Its funny how you all think the OP is an elitist whiner because he would like a profession in the field he has been studying for years. How pompous of him!

  stormoftara  |  0

That's what I was going to say. You stole my line. In any case, perhaps he thinks there is something more useful he can do with his time. As we all know, the real cost of doing something is what you give up to do it.

By  niko27  |  0

We're in an economic global crisis. A job is a job,buddy. I work two, and one of them involved shoveling popcorn to a-hole customers all day, and Im in school majoring in a STEM field. Get over yourself.

  FerrariCake  |  2

Most people don't know what STEM fields are. Some of us do... but most don't.

Hang in there, keep shoveling popcorn for a-hole customers, it'll all be worth it soon when you have your STEM degree and can join those of us who comfortably ignore all the people who whine about being unemployed while they expect someone else to solve their problem for them.


Yeah, because all people who have degrees other than STEM are pretentious elitist assholes who cant function on their own. All of your comments are so bitter. If your life is going to be so great and successful and awesome with your never fail STEM degree, why are you here venting your petty frustrations on a random guy on a website that isn't supposed to be taken that seriously? Did the slurpee machine break down again?

"OMG OP HOW DARE YOU BE THE SLIGHTEST BIT UPSET OR COMPLAIN ABOUT THIS!!!THAT MEANS YOU EXPECT EVERYTHING HANDED TO YOU!!!YOU ARE SUCH A HORRIBLE HUMAN BEING FOR POSTING A 3 SENTENCE QUIP ABOUT YOUR UNFORTUNATE JOB SEARCH ON FMYLIFE!!!" is the basic gist of most of these comments. Why are there so many bitter people commenting? Is the FML audience mostly angry fast food employees in their mid 20's who hate their lives?

By  werzal  |  5

I agree. I'd take it without a second thought! a job is a fucking job! This recession is shit! Take the bloody job and quit whining at least its an income!

By  allmidnighteyes  |  10


Why the hell not? You can do like, awesome little dances, and tell the kids, "Don't stop!" as they're crossing the road, and only hope a passerby will cry out, "BELIEEEVIN'!"

Orrrr, you can be one of THOSE crossing guards, and spank kids with the stop sign when they're being naughty naughtyyy.

  metonymy  |  0

There are actually a lot of great songs that feature the word stop. Like the Spice Girls song! Or, there's always "STOP! Hammer time!"

By  werzal  |  5

This man is a self obsessed, over indulged, spoiled wanker. There would be other people out there that would take this job REGARDLESS of their qualification! Fuck offer it to me!!!

By  T_X_P  |  2

Oh'd have to do something "below you" for a few hours a day. Stop whining. That has to be one of the best "temp" jobs on earth to have while looking for something more substantial. The demands are practically nonexistent.