Neuter your pets

By Anonymous - 18/01/2021 20:01

Today, our cat is in heat. Her male counterpart is sitting outside my bedroom door, serenading her loudly, and has sprayed his piss all over the house, making sure she cannot escape him broadcasting his availability. FML
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Ambrily 27

If you don't want this to happen, fix your pets.

Responsible pet parents fix their animals.


Ambrily 27

If you don't want this to happen, fix your pets.

FML_Fan86 6

You'd have peace and quiet if you spayed and neutered. 🤦‍♀️

This isn't a "you should know better" mistake, it's not a "whoops, oh well lesson learned" mistake... it's not even a "rookie" mistake. The only way I can think of that an adult human, whether that's you or a parent/guardian, would be this inept is if they were kept completely in the dark about owning pets, and then one day they suddenly decided to get two cats. Seriously, I need to know how you ****** up this badly. Get them fixed before your entire house reeks of cat piss, and you have to live there until you die because no one will buy it from you. Also, adopt don't shop. And get them chipped too. Or give them to a more responsible owner. YDI.

YDI for not spaying / neutering your pets.

I'm gonna assume you are living at home and spaying/neutering isn't your decision. also you can get urine eliminating cleaners and if it soaked into wood or substrate there are primers designed to seal in the smell.