By Bewildered - United Kingdom
Today, my teenage son called me at work and started screaming abuse at me. He told me how he never wants to see me again and hopes I die a gruesome death. Why does he feel this way? I beat his high score on Bejewelled 2. FML
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lululrufflepwned hax

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not to be mean but.... your son has grown up with this tech, at what point is he going to figure it out. obviously after his parents. if your a dad i would talk to mom if your mom its too risky stop having kids!

  Intoxicunt  |  5

That's because the person before me (whose comment comes and goes) said "Me?" as a comment.
God, way to miss it. Did you think I just posted that for no reason???

  Old unused  |  13

I think I lost Brain Cells reading this thread.

  Pandasaur  |  0

They think it's funny to make asses of themselves on the Internet. They think that they're bad-ass because they're "pissing off" a bunch of people, when in reality, they just look foolish. :D Read any FML comment section and you'll see what I mean.

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Lol, you sound new to the internet. Anyways.

A troll is someone who says offending things on purpose in hopes that others will respond in anger. It is for the lulz. It is actually quite funny to watch people take them seriously, such as your response to said troll.

You do not take these people seriously, nor do you respond to them unless you wish to strike up either a meaningless argument where there is onesided hate upon your part, or a really dull one. Trolls hate being ignored. They like attention. Which coins the term, "Do not feed the trolls." 8D A troll who has failed to gather attention is unsuccessful. It is equally funny when a troll fails their self appointed task.

And that is internet lesson number one. I hope you learned something