By corfan01 - 05/10/2009 11:11 - United States

Today, I got a red light camera ticket for $100 in the mail. After checking the date and time, I realized it was from when I was rear ended into the intersection while STOPPED at a red light. FML
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Hah, ouch. Good luck getting out of that one. If there was police involvement when you got rear-ended it shouldn't be hard.


first! op that really sucks for you :(

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@ "first" dude, lame! and sucks to be you, OP

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Ooooh, technically, according to actus reas in law, you shouldn't be able to be charged with that. But that's British law, not sure about American law.

Its fake, because you can't get a ticket for those in america either, they changed the law like 9 months ago.

It could depend on what state you live in.

well idk my friend got one and he just ignored it for about a month or two and he never paid lol

Hah, ouch. Good luck getting out of that one. If there was police involvement when you got rear-ended it shouldn't be hard.

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I swear, I see 'rear-ended' at least once a day now...

A hundred bucks for public lewdness? That's cheap! Did the guy who ****** you in the ass pay half of it? That's just common courtesy. Laura, these "rear-ended" stories make commenting as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

I always giggle when I see "rear-ended" though. Don't ruin my fun!

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it's true though, everday without fail, I will see rear ended, doesn't mean I don't laugh when I see it. Though when you're at work and you giggle and say 'hehe buttsex' under your breath like a child, you get some funny looks... oops.

I always picture the Cyanide and Happiness buttsmex series. It's the best visuals I've ever had. My parents and friends have sorta gotten used to my humor though. Buttcrackers they are! There's a pub here though, called Rumpspankers. I need to go there.

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Oh, I thought you said buttscratchers, but I re read it, and now I feel very silly for shouting 'buttscratchers!' in true Peter Griffin style.

plexico the common courtesy part is the person "rear ending" you giving you a reach around at the same time ;)

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well then maybe you should have been paying attention instead of having sex while driving

Haha, you're funny #8! Please tell me you're lying.

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obvious troll is obvious. nom nom nom, you fed it.

Don't. It will have babies and we don't want more bad gov.

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how could they see your license plate when it probably fell off in the accident?

it could of been slow enough to push her passed the light