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  plexico  |  3

A hundred bucks for public lewdness? That's cheap! Did the guy who fucked you in the ass pay half of it? That's just common courtesy.

Laura, these "rear-ended" stories make commenting as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.


it's true though, everday without fail, I will see rear ended, doesn't mean I don't laugh when I see it. Though when you're at work and you giggle and say 'hehe buttsex' under your breath like a child, you get some funny looks... oops.

  redbluegreen  |  40

I always picture the Cyanide and Happiness buttsmex series. It's the best visuals I've ever had.
My parents and friends have sorta gotten used to my humor though. Buttcrackers they are!
There's a pub here though, called Rumpspankers. I need to go there.