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Today, I tried to inconspicuously hock a loogie. It went down my bra. FML
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I wish I could come up with a comment but all I can think about is boobs.

chillyCholo 5

People's weird fetishes nowadays..

shanemaximo 7

I have such a raging boner right now.

That does seem pretty realistic. I've seen a girl in my class with her phone, ipod, headphones, a couple of pens, and an unopened bag of chips shoved in her cleavage.

GovernorGeneral 8

Her cleavage probably opens to another dimension. I know mine does.

reapermw2 0

I take it there wasn't much room left for what her bra was intended to hold?

Being a brit, I literally have no clue what 'hock a loogie' means...

117- It's when you clear your throat and thick spit comes up & sometimes it has mucus in it. Guys in middle school used to do it all the time at recess and then spit them on the fat girls at our school. :(

That's such a coincidence, I have a raging clue right now

MattRoseen 12

90% of people won't get the South Park reference. I commend you.

xbrit551 13

Better than ashing a cigarette and the cherry going down your bra. Hurts like hell.


Do you use your chest as an ash tray?

xbrit551 13

No... I was in a car and ashes it out the window and the wind blew it back in......

flipfloperson 5

Nature obviously didn't want your ashes.

chubby_choco 17

My ex did that. XD I told her it was her cue to stop smoking.

Dudelike89 8

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flockz 19

i'd rather falcon a loogie instead.

Isaac_The_Man 0
Dudelike89 8

Well there's a solution if you want guys to stop staring!

nuggetmonster 12

And how exactly do you inconspicuously hock a loogie? Those are hard to keep quiet.

Epsilonyx 15

I'd imagine if she tried it, it'd resemble quietly gagging on an invisible penis.

SW500 13

Well I've managed just has to be rather loud with nobody paying attention to you...

Yeah, seriously. If you want to get it away from your body- which is generally the point- you gotta hock it loud and proud.

jasony0423 0

You're a classy woman, aren't ya?

That's a definite ydi and a definite turn off

Yes because OP is clearly trying to turn on FML commenters.

flockz 19

i jizzed when she said bra. is that normal?

Immature* flockz is not premature. He lasts pretty long. I know from "second-hand" experience. ;)

flockz 19

that song would apply to me, but i never wear pants.

I guess that's one way to begin foreplay.

efro4472 1

Yup her boyfriend can lick it off