By Noname - Australia
Today, I did my work, the work of my co-worker who called in sick and the work of my boss who has no idea what the hell is going on all at the same time. I didn't get a promotion because I don't work hard enough. FML
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By  nofyourlife  |  0

#4 has obviously never been stuck in a dead-end job. i was in this situation with a job for two years. now i'm finding a new one. they're not stupid, they know you're doing everyone's work, they just like paying you crap (i'm assuming) for the work of three people.

By  harmony_lover53  |  0

ok so this definately happened to me....and to top it all off, i wound up getting fired in the end, for something that wasnt my fault..and guess wat? it was all over $20! thats it! so be wary...they did the same to me, and i thought they liked me, but apparently im not worth $20 to them...