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Today, my boyfriend of a year and a half informed me that he had "accepted" my stomach, even though it didn't conform to his "preference" for a flat stomach. He then added that his acceptance doesn't extend to my "chunky thighs". FML
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tell you boyfriend that you "accept" his small dick even though it is your preference for a large one

Tell him that he can accept that he's single, then. No reason to say those things except to be an asshole.


tell you boyfriend that you "accept" his small dick even though it is your preference for a large one

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I see where you are coming from.

Or say you don't accept his small dick and go get a boyfriend worth your time.

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Doesn't really matter, it could be huge but it'll still hurt when she brings up the bigger cocks of pornstars and calls him teeny weenie, micro member, and such.

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OP, tell that little prick that no one has time for such fuckery commentary. You're beautiful in your own unique way and if he can't see that, move on. No significant other deserves to be treated like they're not good enough for the person that they choose to be with.

>you can change weight >you can't change penis size

But you can't change body shape. If you have naturally big thighs, that has nothing to do with how much fat is on them.

135, you can change weight (given a medical condition doesn't make this hard and/or impossible), but who says OP needs to lose weight? Even thin girls don't have flat stomachs sometimes- there are organs in there, and they take up space. The picture-perfect flat stomach many people think is ideal isn't practical for everyone simply because of their anatomy. That aside, nobody should ever feel like they have to change their appearance so drastically for their partner or be shamed for it. Also, you're right, men can't change the size of their dick, but they can stop acting like one. You win some, you lose some.

"Even thin girls don't have flat stomachs sometimes -There are organs in there and take up space"...!? Guys, can we take a moment to appreciate how ridiculous these excuses are becoming? That aside, I agree that the girlfriend doesn't deserve to be treated that way. After that comment one of them needs to make a choice. She either needs to have enough self respect to move on or the OP's boyfriend needs to stop making passive aggressive comments and move on if he's no longer attracted. Both SHOULD avoid further idiotic comments like the one OP's boyfriend already said (there are a million more tactful ways to bring up the subject), or like ones being suggested to OP by #1

She's actually right. Depending on a persons build, it could be extremely easy or hard to obtain the "perfect" flat stomach. One friend of mine was severely underweight (severe illness that made her drop almost all the fat she had on her body) but because of how she was built she still didn't have a flat stomach. Her arms and legs were tiny but it looked like she still had a bit of a gut. It just isn't possible for some people. Whereas another friend could be considered chubby and still has a flat stomach. Everyone is different, don't be so condescending

You can also change your shitty attitude.

@135,actually u can change your pens size. there are quite a range to do so. where the most extensive one would be surgery, in order to lengthen the rod. in regards to girth size, which is also really important to women, I'm not quite sure if surgery can help. for all I know it can though

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Maybe OP is perfectly healthy and her boyfriend is just one of those people who believe a girl can just look like a magazine picture, as if these weren't photoshopped. Besides, bellies are not always flat because people have ORGANS. Girls are not empty shells, so yes, when sitting in a certain position or right after eating, we don't have always have flat belly. Even if OP is a little chubby, i doubt she's unhealthily overweight anyway, she's probably just curvy.

Of course, you're assuming she's unhealthy over a statement her douche of a boyfriend made. FYI: A persons weight is not an indicator of their overall health.

Wee wee? Does your mom know you're on the internet?

Even if OP isn't healthy, why should she conform to her boyfriends rude preferences? If she is going to get healthier she should do it for herself, not because her boyfriend wants her to.

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feminism is alive and well. yes weight is (one of) an indicator of overall health. She could be happy being chunky thats her life choice. I'm assuming (which is what FML MAKES YOU DO) (and yall did plenty of when y'all attacked this poor guy for assuming) (irony lol) and the boyfriends rudeness? the guy has been with her for a year and a half maybe she has gotten bigger? or maybe he decided to make himself healthy and she didn't take the hint? we don't know that. there was nothing wrong with the guys original statement.

Feminism is nothing to do with the original post or any of the comments on this thread.

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actually, it kind of is. if you are too overweight, or too underweight, you would not be considered healthy. but i did learn that a persons healthy weight does tend to vary, so what do i know?

If you don't work out your stomach, you probably won't have a flat stomach. You don't have to have a flat stomach to be healthy. I am underweight and don't have a flat stomach, so that kinda indicates a person of healthy weight can also not have one. And the guy IS a douche, not just because of our opinion. If he is quoted correctly, how is he not a douche?

#95 this is very true. I am also underweight, and yet my stomach is not flat. In fact, I was actually called "chubby" when I was in low end of the healthy range. I think society just sometimes expects girls to look skinnier than what is healthy. And to the people saying he's not a douche, he's just "concerned about her health." I'm sorry, but in no way did his comment convey any type of concern for her. Calling her chunky is just rude and unhelpful.

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Weight is NOT always an indicator of health. People can have some weight on them and be perfectly healthy, just like a thin person can be terribly unhealthy. After having a baby, I still have 25 lbs I'd like to lose. However, I am still the picture of health, and this is according to my doctor. My heart is great, my blood work perfect, and even better, I can deadlift my body weight times two. I also can kick butt of girls half my size in workouts and and one of the top heavy lifters at my gym. Do I want to lose the weight? Yes. But do I have to to be healthy? Nope. Already there.

Still failing on seeing how that relates to feminism xD

Btdtgts 22

because they are immediately taking the side of the woman and calling the man a douche. they don't know enough to pass perpetual judgement like that.

Being a different body type and/or size doesn't equal "unhealthy."

It's not feminism to take the side of the woman, especially when enough evidence is presented. This guys comment was incredibly insensitive and did and can continue to do damage to OP's self esteem for years to come. Body image is very important to women, and the fact that this guy is saying that he "can't accept her body" is not a concern for her health, it pushing HIS agenda of what HE *wants* HER to look like without any concern of how his words would hurt her. If he was truly concerned for her health he would have phrased it accordingly, but really, he's just a shallow dick who wants a woman with an ideal body. So please, tell me again how we're pushing feminism by saying he's a douche. Also to whoever said weight matters, it really doesn't. I know a girl who is 4'9, her healthy weight is 95lbs, she weighs 115. You know why? Because this girl has 10% body fat, she spends everyday in the gym and fat is lighter than muscle. The number on the scale does not tell you how healthy you are.

It isn't feminism #140 - gender is irrelevant. Anyone who says things like that to somebody they're supposed to care for is a right cunty. Gender exempt.

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I was a size 0 and depressed at how "fat" I was, because my tummy wasn't flat. Because I didn't realize that a flat tummy required more than being skinny; it requires working out for hours each day and tightly controlling how much fat you eat (not that I had any on me at that point anyways). Let me repeat that: At a SIZE ZERO I thought I was too fat because of douches like this. I'm a healthier weight now but in worse condition after a couple of kids and a car accident, and I still feel fat and ugly. I've always felt ugly, no matter what my body shape has been. And it's because of douches like this boyfriend telling me everything wrong with how I look, and never, never ever hearing anything good about my appearance. OP, ditch this asshole; he doesn't give a damn about you as a person and his attitude will never, ever change. Dump him for someone who appreciates the beauty you *do* have (and respects you as a person), instead of requiring physical perfection. Life isn't a damned magazine, and most of us are not super-models, but are still actually beautiful nevertheless. And even if we *aren't* beautiful, our feelings still ******* matter, and he isn't even considering yours in the slightest.

Lol 69, you may want to finish elementary school English class before you try telling people off. Your grammar is so awful that I wonder if you even understand half of what you're trying to say.

Tell him that he can accept that he's single, then. No reason to say those things except to be an asshole.

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I agree. I am normally not one to say "dump him" because I believe most things can be worked out, but do not stay with someone who criticizes your body and tells you how he would prefer it. Your body is beautiful and you need someone who sees how beautiful it is.

I agree. OP, my stomach is my biggest insecurity. I've had two boyfriends tell me they don't like it. My ex fiance would tell me he's been with "way better looking" females than me. DO NOT settle for this kind of abuse. It is emotional abuse, it ***** with your head. Either dump him, or tell him he can't talk to you like that again.

That's when I would tell him his shallow attitude isn't my preference in boyfriend.

I won't get on the "dump him" bandwagon, but you should definitely have a serious chat with him about what is "acceptable" about that statement.

Tell them that your acceptance doesn't extend to his level of douche

Bodies can change, but a shitty attitude like that won't. You don't need that OP, you deserve someone who loves everything about you.

only commenting because I just got an ad in Spanish. ******* Spanish.

What does that have to do with anything?

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Then get off the net/app and study child!

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I'm Spanish and your comment is offensive

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and you're "accepting" this treatment?