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#9 checking your rear view mirror is a good idea but it won't help at all if you have nowhere to go to avoid someone hitting you. The other driver was an idiot.

the people who say deserve it can go fuck themselves you are indeed fucked yeah they'll pay for it but depending on how bad it is it will still say accident on your insurance


That sucks lol.

she's probably used to taking it from behind

hit it from the back! from the back!

Very observant. You all get cookies.

Today, I decided I would lose my virginity. By the end of the day, I'd hit some fat guy... from behind. FML

god damn these comments are fucking up today.. To OP: sorry to hear that, hope it wasn't too much damage

I'm sorry to hear.

it's called, check your rear view mirror when you're at a stop light. either way the guy who rear ended you is always going to be the one at fault so he'll have to pay.. as long as you got his information.. which you did.. right?

well where else would se have gone? into the inersection and get t-boned?

hey you get money to fix it, lol

check your rear view mirror sonny. common practice at red lights..