By NoBikesForYou - 26/09/2013 22:56 - Israel - Ramla

Today, I was showing my 6-year-old son how easy and safe it is to ride a bike. I didn't notice a pebble, bust up my leg, and my son is now terrified of bicycles. FML
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Not quite sure how a "pebble" caused this much damage.

This is why you must teach them when they're younger and fearless.


Not quite sure how a "pebble" caused this much damage.

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It wasn't a was a rock! A big roooooooockkkk! :')

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19- "It's not just a boulder Suidward, it's a rock! Oh the pioneers used to ride these babies..."

This is why you must teach them when they're younger and fearless.

When we were teaching my 6 year old cousin he got angry and never wanted to ride again after each fall... he was forcing himself to fall.

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You did that on purpose, didn't you?

The poor kid, and you OP. Reassure him that's abnormal and use many positive reinforcements!

Maybe you should've payed more attention to the road, instead of the bicycling itself

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perhaps you should pay more attention to spelling, rather than to what he did.

Maybe you should pay more attention to the fact that I'm only 15 years old, and English isn't my native language..

At least you tried; I'm sure his fear of bicycles won't last long, most kids outgrow any fears like that relatively quickly. Good luck!

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Training wheels and a helmet 'til he's ready. Believe me, when his friends are all out riding their bikes, he'll want to join in on the fun.

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kids still ride bikes? i haven't seen a kid on a bike in years, just college students and broke people who can't afford a car (i should get my bike fixed)

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My mom pushed me down a hill when I was little, I ended up flipping my bike and crashing. 10 years later I wish I knew how to ride a bike. Give your son time, I hope he comes around unlike I did. Good luck!

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What the hell? Are you sure your mom wasn't trying to kill you? Cuz that sounds like she was trying to kill you.