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Today, I guest-played as a catcher for a new fastpitch softball team. After the first couple of innings, the batter fouled a ball back into my catcher's mask. As a concussion test, the coach asked me what her name was. I decided to fake the concussion rather than admit that I'd forgotten her name. FML
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Aren't they normally supposed to ask your name?

Maybe you forgot because of the concussion?


Aren't they normally supposed to ask your name?

Sometimes our trainer ask a rooster lays and egg what side of the roof does it fall off of

#13 Some people would get that wrong without a concussion.

The answer is obvious, roosters don't lay eggs.

And they're often thinking too hard about the trick in the question to figure out the answer to notice the trick in the question. Human brains are wired weirdly.

They will ask you to tell them their name to test your memory. It's to see how badly you were hit.

thats pretty (depending on your countries rules on the matter) you could be out for a while if they think you have a concussion....but nice job blocking it with your face

I got a concussion in high school(I played field hockey) and at the time, the standard was to sit out 2 games and you could only return with a doctor's note to limited field time for 1 game. This was no matter how intense the injury was

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do ;3

It's okay, I never remembered my teachers' names in high school, so I just called them dude or ma'am.

Calling a teacher dude is a little rude.

I went to a pretty good high school, the teachers were friendly and didn't mind.

That would never happen here. I'd get a bitch slap.

daum, i could get away with calling my teachers dude and no one would even think twice about it

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Well of the coach's entire test to see if you had a concussion was weather or not you knew her name or not, then you did actually have a concussion apparently. So, technically, you didn't lie about anything. The coach is just dumb.

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Ops. Read the FML wrong. And I'll simply call her coach as another commenter said.

Maybe you forgot because of the concussion?