By Dingbat - 13/06/2013 23:59 - United States - Quarryville

Today, I started playing softball again in a league after not playing for about 5 years. My very first time at the bat I whacked a foul ball into the parking lot and hit my own car. FML
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SerenaSerenadex3 13

A ditch? A dutch? You can't just leave us hanging like that


A ditch? A dutch? You can't just leave us hanging like that

challan 19

(raises my fist in the air) Those damn Dutch always causing problems! Making people happy with your legal herb and prostitution!!!

deepunder 17

I think u mean a bad pitch. The Op can blame some of it on the pitcher. Or maybe u misspelled douche. Really misspelled douche.

SerenaSerenadex3 13

Allow me to translate: I am an idiot who is too lazy to write properly and sees what you did there.

That is what happens when you give a phone to a monkey.

GemmaStyles 14

Did you not practice beforehand, knowing you were playing in the league again?

Well, aiming a ball exactly where you want is difficult, and considering the ball went to the parking lot, it sounds like he/she hit it far.

15, not necessarily considering it was a foul..

Yeah. If the ball went straight up into the air and backwards when the batter hit it, that'd be considered a foul ball. Then it wouldn't have to go far to hit a car.

maybe they should ride their bike to the next game.

I have hit my bike with a foul ball before lol

I hit a random person's car once but my brother hit his coaches' car!

That car better get a waxing for the beating you gave it

Why'd you go back to playing? I'd practice the basics a bit more before trying a homer...

A homer? When you're at bat you have to hit the ball.

Wow just all the stupid comments on this one. Be thankful you hit it at all after five years. I'm gunna have trouble getting back active after I fight off my infection, let alone five years!