By nsb124 - 28/01/2015 08:07 - United States

Today, it was my brother's birthday. I was short on money but got him a present anyway. After opening it, he looked at it and said, "I didn't really want this." FML
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The_Big_Boss 20

"I didn't really want to give you it"

Then take it back.


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JMichael 25

My sister is the same way. She either ends up breaking the things I get her or doesn't use them.

Well don't buy them anymore shit then if they're rude af

The_Big_Boss 20

"I didn't really want to give you it"

Op if he's old enough to understand tell you were short on money

If OP were loaded he or she wouldn't have to buy him a gift. He sounds like an ungrateful brat.

Yea too bad money can't buy manners. That would have made the perfect gift

A big ol' gift basket of manners

Then take it back.

Next year, just give him a card. No point in wasting money on ungrateful people.

kirbs19 37

Or better yet nothing! At least you tried OP!

Actually, when you give him nothing, when he complains, tell him " Don't worry, you wouldn't have wanted what I'd have gotten anyway."

It's supposed to be about the gesture but sadly he doesn't know about manners and how to appreciate things from your family

What did you get him?

You could've ask to give it back and tell him that you will exchange it for something he wants. Get a refund. And. Don't buy anything else. Sorry about the ungrateful brat.

He needs some common cents and should be grateful you got him anything. Some people don't understand how fortunate they really are..

... bad pun?

Well I guess no more puns if people are gonna think I'm completely illiterate. But you have a nice day there smarty pants.

I like your pun.

Thanks :) I'll take input from a dog person over a cheesebread lover any day.

19990231 29

Don't bite the hand that feeds you