By Anonymous - United States - Las Vegas
Today, my dad told me to knock it off with my "stupid gangster walk", saying it made me look like an idiot. I didn't have the balls to admit I'd sharted my pants and was awkwardly waddling to the bathroom to clean myself up. FML
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  LucyLollipop  |  22

He *sharted* his pants. There's a subtle difference there. Sharting is when you think you're innocently farting and it ends up being more than you expected. Beware, it can happen to anyone, anywhere, and always when you're least expecting it.

By  GrumpyGrinch  |  23

WOW, didn't know how to vote. Sure, FYL for having a problem, but this is more a FGangster'sL as the way the swag guys walk really looks that! Or... maybe... we have discovered the reason for it?